Yawash Sar II Hunza Pakistan

Yawash Sar II (6,125m) Pakistan, Andrzej Bargiel have made the first ascent

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First Ascent of Yawash Sar II

On 30th April 2021, 11:00 local time, Andrzej Bargiel successfully touched the peak of Yawash Sar II Pakistan. Yawash Sar II (6,125m) was never climbed and summit before and Bargiel is the first one to achieve this feat. After the ascent, Andrzej Burgiel descent by skied down this peak.

The skiing descent took about 2 hours from peak to foot of the peak. Jędrek Baranowski, the companion of Andrzej didn’t manage to summit due to a shortage of rope. Jedrek waited for Andrzej Bargiel halfway and then joined in skiing. Jędrek Baranowski and Andrzej Bargiel both skied down the peak together.

Summing up after a journey to Shimshal and 4 days of trekking, crossing a heavily snow-covered mountain pass located at 5000 m, we got to BC. Today we managed to reach 10 km further, to the foot of Yawash Sar II Pakistan, and here at an altitude of 5,100 m a.s.l., we spend the night.

journey to basecamp

This adventurous journey includes 1 day of traveling from Islamabad to Hunza by road. Then trekking via the snow-covered and icy route from Shimshal Hunza to the basecamp of Yawash Sar II.

Andrzej Bargiel via his social media account stated that “Thank you on behalf of the entire team for the calls and messages. Sorry, please be patient, communication is super tough here, and we couldn’t show you any photos today. We do our best to do it as soon as possible!”
Bargiel thought that they were unable to get the mission 100%, as his companion didn’t manage to reach the zenith of the peak.
The next expedition mission of this team is Laila Peak. The mission is to summit and skiing down.

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