Hunza or Skardu

Which destination is better Hunza or Skardu?

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These are the comparison of both valleys Hunza and Skardu. The major pros and cons are as follows:

Cost of living is expensive for tourist.Cos of living is comparatively cheap for tourist.
Very limited destinations to exploreUnending list of tourist destinations to explore
Quality of hotels are extremely good.Quality of hotels are comparatively low to Hunza
Major destinations are Altit, Baltit and Attaabad lake.Major destinations are Deosai, Kharpocho fort, Shigar, Chaqchan mosque, Khaplu valley, Manthoka & Khamosh waterfall, Basho valley, Shigar and Upper & Lower Kachura lake.
Independence in organizing programsComparatively conservative than Hunza
Hunza is famous across the worldSkardu is an emerging tourist hub.
Travelling to Hunza byroad is easy and smoothSkardu road is not good as compare to Hunza road

These are the few important comparison of Hunza and Skardu. The choice is yours.

Plan your next trip where your priorities match.

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