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Where should I go in Pakistan in winter?

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The tourism industry of Pakistan is one of the emerging sectors in the world. Gilgit Baltistan has a vital share in this business. Most tourists are asking that where should I go in Pakistan in winter?

Murree, Kalam valley, Swat are the few famous destinations for winter in Pakistan till the last decade. At the current time, Gilgit Baltistan is highly recommended by the majority of tourists to explore in winter. This region has many unexplored jewels in winter. The best region to be explored in winter is Pakistan.

Everyone should go to Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan this winter. Skii in Naltar valley, ice hockey in Hunza, snow traversing of Deosai plains, snow-covered cold desert of Skardu, frozen Atta-Abad lake Hunza and ice-tree of frozen Manthoka and Khamosh waterfall Kharmang are amongst the top winter tourist destinations of Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan.

Why you should go to Gilgit Baltistan in winter?

Gilgit Baltistan has very natural beauty. This region is unexplored in winter to date. The prime goal of a tourist is to see the hidden art of the lord. Following destinations are the second for none tourist attraction sides in winter:

  • Ice tree of frozen Manthoka waterfall in winter
  • Snow-covered cold desert Skardu in winter
  • Ski point of Naltar valley
  • The only ice hockey event of Pakistan happens in Hunza in winter
  • Snow traversing from Astore to Skardu via Deosai plains
  • Snow falling from the lakeside view of Kachura lake

These are the very few top tourist destinations of Pakistan in winter. The reason, everyone should visit Gilgit Baltistan in winter. This region has far more worthy to visit than Murree, Swat, and Kalam valley.

Temperature of Gilgit-Baltistan in winter

Visiting Gilgit Baltistan in winter is not easy by the way. The average temperature of GB during winter is -15˚C. temperature falls even below up to -25˚C when the weather deteriorates. Roads towards Skardu, Hunza, and Gilgit remain open in winter, and there’s a 0% chance of land sliding in winter.

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