Chilgoza in Pakistani market

Where is Chilgoza in Pakistan? The Billions rupees hidden market

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Chilgoza which is also called Pinus Geradiana is the most expensive dry fruit in the market in winter. Are you wonder where it comes from and how hard it is to bring it to the market. you will get detailed information about the following FAQs about Chilgoza; Where is Chilgoza in Pakistan? Why is Chilgoza so expensive? How do you collect Chilgoza?

Where is Chilgoza in Pakistan?

the largest share of Chilgoza in the Pakistani market comes from Waziristan. Chitral region and Chilas contribute a little in the market as well. Waziristan is the largest market of Pakistan and from where the major part usually exports to Afghanistan, China, and other international markets.

The harvesting season starts from the last week of August in warm areas and starts after a delay of a few weeks in slightly cold regions. Which ends in the mid of September. The harvesting of Chilgoza in Chilas and Chitral regions lasts till November usually.

How do you collect Chilgoza?

labors go to mountains where the pine trees are located. They used a curved stick to unplug the pine shells which are out of their reach. After then, they collect the shells and bring them to the Azad Mandi. The shells remain there for a week. Then starts separating the pine nuts from the shell. The duration of maturity of these pine nuts is sometimes more than 3 years.

Why is Chilgoza so expensive?

The process of unplugging Chilgoza to bring in the market is so lengthy. Which involves so much finance and struggle likewise the maturity of these pine nuts are usually more than 2 years on average.

The labor required to unplug the shells from trees, transportation of raw material to the market, and the final process of purification. These all involve money and the Chilgoza itself is worth paying.

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