Royal Garden Hunza valley
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Apart from countless good things in Hunza, tourists are advised to avoid a few things. The list of ‘what not to do in Hunza’ are:

  • In Hunza, local small merchants
  •      are mostly women. Women’s harassment at any scale is not tolerated. If anyone
  •      found misconducting any women, the result will be worst. So, be careful
  •      while interreacting with women merchants, locals, and even tourists.
  • The people of Hunza are very peaceful and brave. If anybody tries to threaten them, they will respond double. Avoid such stupidity and keep your arrogance in your pocket while going to Hunza and other parts of Gilgit Baltistan.
  • Avoid damaging the properties of locals. Otherwise, they will sue you legally.
  • Don’t try to be over smart, they are smarter than you 😊
  • Avoid capturing photos and videos of locals without their prior permission. Respect their privacy.
  • Avoid hanging around in villages and populous areas.

These are very important tips to follow during your trip to Hunza and nearby areas. Peoples are Gilgit Baltistan are very kind-hearted and peaceful. If you tolerate it a bit they will help you enjoy your trip. You may share your experience in comments below.

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