What is best month to visit Skardu
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Best month to visit Skardu

Skardu known as the tourist hub and tourism capital of Pakistan shines its best view from June to August. These three months are the peak season of tourism in the region. Full of true natural mysteries everywhere, and all special fruits getting ready in these peak months.

It doesn’t mean that tourism in Skardu ends there. Every coming day and months have a different specialty in Skardu, which are:

  • March to April: cherry blossom season in Skardu, these two months are the start of tourism in the region.
  • May: the transient of cherry blossom to nourishing summer. The whole region starts turning in to green this month. The most amazing change can be seen during the month of May in Skardu.
  • June to August: the best season to explore the Skardu during these three months. Everything is at its maturity during this period of time.
  • September and October: these two months are also called the seasons of fruits. Months are dedicated to those who love to explore the taste of fruits.
  • November and December: fall season starts in the last weeks of November and ends in the second week of December. All turns yellow in November and diminishes all around in December. It’s the start of winter in Skardu.
  • January and February: these two months is the peak winter in Skardu. The temperature remains below the freezing point. Snow-falling throughout these two months in Skardu.

Can I visit Skardu in January?

Tourists usually ask about January in Skardu. In January, it is highly recommended to visit Skardu instead of Murree to witness snowfall. Skardu has a very special picture in winters such as frozen Shangrila lake, ice-covered cold desert Skardu, frozen Manthokha waterfall, and flying snowflakes around.

Before traveling to Skardu in winter, must be geared up to fight the blood-freezing winter. The temperature of Skardu fall below -20˚C in January. The average temperature of Skardu in January is -15˚C.

Title picture courtesy (twitter) @FaezaDawood

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