What if Imran Khan wins 100% seats in next election? What’s next?

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If everything goes according to Imran Khan’s plan. Lets assume he gets an early election and wins 100% seats and promotes Lt Gen Faiz Hameed as new COAS. What will he achieve that he couldn’t in 3.5 years of one page government? What are people going to get out of it?

People are not interested in having a beef with US. So how are you going to tackle that?

Pakistan is a sovereign country but because you are now the PM we have achieved Haqeeqi Azaadi! But what’s next? Does that mean every country in the world is going to pay us Jizya Tax?

Now that Lt Gen Faiz Hameed is COAS, the army is not Mir Sadiq and Mir Jaffer anymore? How would you address the armed personnel now who were taking orders from ghadaars which makes them accomplice?

Qazi Faez Isa is not Chief Justice of Pakistan whom you and your one page government went all out against? How do you wish to address that awkward situation?

This Haqeeqi Azaadi is a political act to get elected & nothing more. It serves no purpose for the people who have faced extortion at the hands of the system designed to extort. People are not at the centre of affairs they are pawns in game of chess.

People need to get up and ask the right question. They shouldn’t fall for intangible ideas which cannot be measured, whose successes cannot be assessed. The simple question prior to next election is to ask how will you improve country’s deplorable living condition?

All political parties need to sit down and come up with a charter of democracy, a charter of institutional limits, a charter of economy. But that’s just asking too much from people looking to feed ego at the expense of common people. Political parties are not going to let go of the private limited status. Unless there is a democracy within the party, they will not progress.

Without the prosperity of political parties, Pakistan’s democracy will not progress.
The political infrastructure is old enough but still in the cradle. The utmost priority is to nurture the democratic system of Pakistan first.

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