Vladimir Putin President of Russia

Vladimir Putin – President of Russia | A Lethal ENEMY of United States

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Vladimir Putin is the most lethal leader of the twenty-first century. Putin was a spy in the Russian liberation army and emerged as a leader in the late nineties. The first time Vladimir Putin came to power was in 2000 which ends in 2008. After the fab of an election term, Putin return with the most aggression in 2012 and remains in power to date.

Vladimir Putin confronted the United States on many fronts. Putin defeated the U.S almost on every front like in Cuba, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Nicaragua, Syria, and even China. The U.S faced so many humiliations but a confrontation with Russia is a fearsome task for the United States. Russian federation’s Putin is ruling the regional power game in the Asian.

The recent regime changed movement in Pakistan by the U.S which was seduced by Imran Khan’s Visit to Russia. Putin is becoming the more and more powerful enemy of the United States. The allies and U.S itself look helpless to suppress Russia by any means. The Russian Republic led by Vladimir Putin is emerging as a world power again. They have a strong say in world politics now. The miscalculated policies, irrelevant interference, and arrogance of the United States gave birth to many enemies. All of their old allies turning into enemies now.

The last target of Russia to hit the U.S hard is to counter the Petro-Dollar deal. Russia is selling oil to India in their local currency and trade in Pakistan in the future will follow the same fashion. It will weaken the power of the dollar in the world market. The economic downfall of the U.S is certain when Russian leadership remained determined to do so.

The most important aspect of world power show, a country like Syria becomes a victim. World powers never come to show down their strength directly for which they play proxy wars always. The third world countries suffer the most which need to end. The human lives of Syria, Afghanistan, and Yemen are equally important just as the citizens in Washington or Moscow.

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