Pakistan weather updates April 2023

Untimely rains spoiled the crops in Pakistan

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Due to one western system after another and below normal temperature, ready crops are suffering severe damage in different parts of the country, especially in Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan.

Untimely rains and below normal temperatures are causing delay and spoilage in the production of crops. It is expected that the weather will improve from next week and the temperature will increase which will prove favorable for the production of cultivated crops.
Last year 2022, during the month of April weather was comparatively hot and the temperature was 40°C. Currently the temperature is below 30°C at day time, while falls below 20°C at night.

Due to the heavy rains during the ripe season, the crops have been severely damaged. Due to severe cold in the season, the time of crops preparation is also getting longer this year than before. Due to which the farmers are very worried, because most of the crops are now spoiled.

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