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Little Karim son of Masherbrum died due to liver cancer | Unsung Hero Little Karim

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Little Karim died on April 4, 2022, at Central military hospital CMH Rawalpindi. He was battling the liver disease for more than a year. Gilgit Baltistan government was taken care of all expenses of little Karim when he was first admitted to DHQ Hospital a year ago.

Muhammad Karim

Little Karim belongs to a mediocre family, 2 documentaries featured his mountaineering excellence, and a book on his life was written by a British native. Karim belongs to a small valley of Hushe, Khaplu Ghanche. Hushe valley is located at the shoulder of Mashabrum peak. taking birth at the neck of a skyscraper impacted so much in the early life of the little mountaineering master.

Little Karim’s Early Life

In the early 1990s, the financial condition of Baltistan was not good. the nascent independent state from the royal system. Summer expedition season was the only opportunity for locals to earn some money to feed their families during the long winter.

Little Karim also took responsibility for his family at a very early age and went to Askoli to try his luck. Karim was very little and skinny, so no one chooses him to be a porter for their mission to K2. An expedition team reached a few days late and the only option was Little Karim. This British team hired Karim as the last man available. the little master thrashes all hurdles and kisses 7,000 meters during his first expedition. A legend was born in the mountaineering community since then Muhammad Karim got fame in the expedition community as ‘Little Karim’.

He summited Gasherbrum Ⅱ without oxygen supplement and also summited Masherbrum peak with the deadly weight of 25kg without oxygen supplement. Which remains a mystery to-date.

The physique of little Karim was utterly contradicts his capabilities. Renowned mountaineers such as Muhammad Ali Sadpara, Abdul Josh, and Sirbaz Khan emerged under the leadership of Little Karim.

the achievements of Little Karim will be remembered.

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