Unique Hanging Bridges in Baltistan; Vintage Architectural Legacies

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Chorbat Valley- River Crossover bridge

This ancient, unique engineered and wooden bridge is located in the upper most village Saltoro. As narrated by locals, this bridge is more than 50 year old. Stability and stiffness is due to state of the art design of local carpenters. This is a pedestal crossing bridge having weight capacity of 1ton, roughly equals to 15 men.

Wooden Bridge (Saltoro Ghanche)

Hanging Bridge Saling

You must be familiar with this location, if you watch drama serial ‘Diyar-e-Dil’, same bridge is featuring in the promo song of this drama serial. Located in Khaplu valley, it connects Khaplu with Hushe (Gateway to Mashabrum mountains).

Saling Bridge

Shigar Bridge (RCC Hanging bridge)

It connects Skardu with Shigar valley to mighty K2. Previously, same bridge as Saling was adjacent to it. Later on, to promote tourism in the region, this bridge is upgraded to RCC.

Shigar Bridge

Keris Hanging Bridge

It connects Keris valley with Khaplu & Skardu. Hanging bridge and well crafted.

Keris Bridge

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