Trout fishing points in Gilgit Baltistan

Top 15 Trout fishing points in Gilgit Baltistan

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Trout fishing points in Gilgit Baltistan

Baltistan is known to be the home of trout fish. The best top 15 trout fishing points in Gilgit Baltistan are as follows:

  • Basho valley
  • Deosai (Bada Pani)
  • Sadpara Lake Skardu
  • Manthoka waterfall Kharmang
  • Khamosh waterfall Kharmang
  • Jarba Xoo Shigar
  • Astore river
  • Kachura lake Skardu
  • Khalti Lake Gupis
  • Gilgit River
  • Handrap Lake Phandar valley
  • Kharfaq Lake Khaplu
  • Mehdiabad river Kharmang
  • Hunza river
  • Phandar Lake
  • Ghandus lake Kharmang

Best time for trout fishing

Summer is the busiest season on trout fishing points in Gilgit Baltistan . Warmer season is known to be the best fishing time. In the days of summer, the best time of fishing is either early morning or in late evening. In day time, fish usually resting and somehow hiding from the sunlight.

Types of trout fish in Gilgit Baltistan

There are three major types of trout fish found in Gilgit Baltistan. Which are:

  • Brown trout fish
  • Rainbow trout fish
  • Snow trout fish

Brown Trout Fish

Brown trout mostly spend their whole life in fresh water streams. Rarely, some migrates to lake water from water steam. Brown trout founds mostly in cool water less than 18°C. It has black or red spots on the upper side of the body. Brown trout fish likes pure flowing water rich in oxygen. They spurn in winter from November to January subject to water parameters and nutrition level in water.

Rainbow Trout Fish

Rainbow trout fish native to cold streams which found in cold streams and lakes. Most of the rainbow trout spend their whole life in cold streams. Rainbow trout size depends on the temperature and food availability. It spawn latter than brown trout from December to March.

Snow Trout Fish

Snow trout is the most dominant fish in streams and rivers. It has been domesticated worldwide. They are omnivores. They can ear herbivorous diet of aquatic plants. Its is the widespread fresh water fish.

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