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A Complete Fare Book of Trip to Skardu

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A guide during your trip to Skardu

Gilgit Baltistan Travelling Fare Details

From Karachi to Rawalpindi

Following are the fare detail of travelling to Karachi to Rawalpindi. Rawalpindi to Skardu, tourist has to catch another bus or car to make their trip to Skardu. These prices are not fixed, its countinuosly updating with respect to oil price fluctuation in Pakistan. You can approximate the fare and the price variance will be in between 200 to 300 rupees. Contact details of travelling services

Travelling Fare FromToMeans of transportClass
2400KarachiRawalpindiBy-RoadLow class buses
3000KarachiRawalpindiBy-RoadMedium class buses
4000KarachiRawalpindiBy-RoadBusiness class buses
15500KarachiIslamabadBy Air 
Karachi to Rawalpindi Fare Chart

The first mile stone is done if you reached at Rawalpindi from any where of Pakistan. Your adventure starts from here, you will see the hardness of people living in the mountainous areas, their joys, adventures and the most importantly environment as compare to cities. Sky of these areas like Hunza, Khaplu, Shigar, Kharmang and Deosai are full of galaxies.

To reach at these magical tourist spots, you have to travel through following means and fares are as follows: (Note: Excise and Taxation department Gilgit Baltistan is enforcing fares, and they are updating to public as well, to be not a victim of fraud do must contact with any relevant person and as travel agency to show fare recommendation list before booking. these are approximate fares).

Travelling Fare FromToMeans of transportClass
3500RawapindiGilgitBy-RoadAC 2D Car
8000RawapindiGilgitBy AirPIA
8000RawapindiSkarduBy AirPIA
7500LahoreSkarduBy AirPIA
Travelling fares from Rawalpindi to Skardu

Detail Hotel Price of Hunza, Gilgit, Skardu, Khaplu and Kharmang

One of the most difficult task during a trip is to find cheap and good hotel. You can approximate calculate your budget and select any of the category of hotel in the list for living in respective hotels. I recommend to take visit of more than 2 hotels and 2 rest house in Gilgit, Skardu and Hunza for market research purposes. These areas of the hub of tourist and bunch of hotels and rest houses located here. You will get a good favourable place in very less money. Depends on the effort you made for price mining.

Hotel ClassCityPer night rentAprox. Expense/day
Lower classRawalpindi800-10001300-1500
Medium classRawalpindi2000-25003500
Business classRawalpindi10,000 above15000+
Lower classGilgit500-7001200
Medium classGilgit1000-12001600
Business classGilgit5000+7000
Lower classSkardu500-7001000
Medium classSkardu1000-120001500
Business classSkardu5000+7000
Lower classHunza1500-20002500
Medium classHunza2500-30004000
Business classHunza8000+11000+
Lower classShigarNIL
Medium classShigar400-600800
Business classShigar14000+17000+
Lower classKhaplu400-500800
Medium classKhaplu1000-12001500
Business classKhaplu10000+12000+
Lower classKharmangNIL
Medium classKharmangNIL
Business classKharmang4000+4500+
Travelling fares within Baltistan region

These are lower possible price, and you have lot of opportunities to drain money if you want in replacement of lot of fun and experience.

Travelling fare to bear during your trip to Skardu

Inter city travelling fares are also very important for travellers, because most of time, on the hand of area mafia, newly visited peoples have to pay lot of money than usual. Trip to Skardu will gives you an amazing experiences, where no one going to fraud you, even taxi drivers will give you special discount if they came to know that you a guest. So, be easy and enjoy. Following are fare detail of intra and inter city travellings:

CityToFare Price(Rupees)vehicle
SkarduShigar2000Car 2D/4X
SkarduKharmang (Manthokha)2500Car 2D/4X
SkarduKhaplu4500Car 2D/4X
SkarduDeosai National Park3500Car 2D/4X
SkarduShangrila Lake1200Car 2D/4X
SkarduKhusho chomik1000Car 2D/4X
Travelling Fares From Skardu to Nearby Areas

Weather of Skardu in June July

In the hot summer of Karachi and Lahore, during your trip to Skardu its temperature is around less than 30 degree centigrade. You need to bring some sweaters along you in case of rain, and please come out of the myth that no snow falling happens anywhere in gilgit baltistan in summer 🙂

Weather of Hunza in June July

Whole Gilgit Baltistan almost has the same weather except Chilas. Chilas is the only place where you can feel your presence in Lahore, Multan or Karachi.

In Gilgit Baltistan, most of the vehicles are Non-custom paid NCP. Which are legal in the premises of GB. You will find Corolla in replacement of conventional Taxi on same price. Mostly HIACE are available for public transport, cars, 2D NCP cars, conventional taxi are also available everywhere in GB. 4X vehicles are also available specially to travel K2 base camp, Deosai, Sadpara lake, Hunza region, Khaplu Borq and Hushe areas.


Polo played in GB called rough style polo, in which “There is no rule, you have a stick, horse, ball and you. Your mission is to goal as much as you can.”

introduced by Ali Sher Khan Anchan and played first game of polo ever in GB at Shandur when he conquered Chitral.


Before planning you trip to Skardu specially, do let us know in comment or anyone in circle who have access to anyone in Skardu, do ask him about the polo tournament date. In summer atleast 3-4 polo events happens in Baltistan regions only on different venues; Skardu Shahi Polo Ground, Yabgo Polo Ground Khaplu and Shigar Polo Ground. Better to visit in between any of the event, so make your trip more worthful. If you never been in any polo game before, this will be an amazing opportunity to witness a much worthy show, full pack spectators, polo players having heroic welcome in the ground in every game. During game if the playing stick slip from any of the players hand, volunteers from the public risking their lives to just keep the game equaling going. I remembered only thing of my child hood is watching polo with my friend circle.

Travelling time between different areas of Gilgit Baltistan

These times are not 100% accurate, it may vary depends on the road condition of that specific time, traffic scenario and much more. You can approximate you planning by considering these times.

ToFromDistance (km)Time taken (Hrs)
SkarduKhusho Chomik1415min
SkarduManthoka water fall301.5
Travelling time chart of GB
  • Gilgit To Rawalpindi  630KM
  • Chilas to Gilgit 115KM
  • Sost to Gilgit 205KM
  • Sost To China 240KM
  • Gilgit To Ishkoman 112KM
  • Skardu To Rawalpindi 760KM
  • Gilgit To Phundar 162KM
  • Chillas To Mansehra 490KM
  • Gilgit To Sherqilla 40KM
  • Skardu To Khaplu 10KM
  • Gilgit To Chitral  3635KM
  • Skardu To Dumsum 160KM
  • Gilgit To Yasin 140KM
  • Chillas To Niat60
  • Gilgit To Astore  120
  • Darel To Chillas 55
Hotels in Baltistan

Read further detail of bus services here

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