April travel recommendations during your trip in Pakistan

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Reborn of trees, meadows, and greenfields during April in Pakistan. The ideal month to start traveling in Pakistan.

Pakistan is one of the leading tourism potential countries in the world, and the new year of tourism starts in April each year. Most of the tourist destinations start to blossom in this month. Specifically, ideal month to travel to northern areas of Pakistan.

These tourist destinations are in full bloom during April and it is recommended to keep them in your traveling plan this year. The list of tourist destinations are:

  • 1-  Skardu
  • 2-  Hunza
  • 3-  Sawat
  • 4-  Kashmir – Tolipeer
  • 5-  Kashmir – Mashkpuri top
  • 6-  Murree
  • 7-  Mubarak Village beach, Karachi
  • 8-  Kanjer Jeel (Lake) Sindh

Each destination has its glimpses. It all depends on the choice and taste of the traveler.


Cherry blossom season starts in Skardu in the second week of April and faded away in the mid of May. Basho meadows, Deosai, Shigar, and Khaplu start to blossom as well. The very right time to travel Skardu.


The cherry blossom in Hunza starts very symmetric to Skardu. The hotels, guest houses, and local handicraft shops start opening during this month to facilitate the tourists.


Sawat was the tourism hub of Pakistan a few years back. Due to some proxy wars, the tourism sector of Sawat valley was affected badly.

The natural beauty of Sawat is very unique and unmatchable landscape.


The very best time to visit Kashmir is between March and April. More than 50% of couples visit Kashmir during these months to spend their honeymoon.


Murree is the most favorable place to visit throughout the year in Pakistan. The weather, ambiance, and air of Murree are just amazing. It is also a highly visited place by tourists in Pakistan.

Mubarak Village beach, Karachi

Mubarak village is a beach site located somewhere in the premises of Karachi. The ideal time to visit this beach is April, as during summer days there’s a risk of sunburn.

One of the best places in premises of Karachi to enjoy sea sights.

Kanjer Jeel

Kanjer lake is the main source of drinking water for Karachi. It contributes more than 70% of Karachi’s drinking water.

This lake is one of the most beautiful destinations to visit and boating as well. Sindh province has very limited tourist destinations to explore, and Kanjer jeel is one of them.

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