breakfast and brunches in Skardu Baltistan

Complete travel guide to Skardu, A worthy tourist destination

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The customize trip and travel guide to Skardu are:

  1. Catch a well-maintained driving machine from Islamabad/Rawalpindi.
  2. The most recommended time of departure from Islamabad is after dinner on peak summer days, and just after breakfast in winter.
  3. take first stay at Mansehra for breakfast.
  4. Enjoy the journey on the lush green meadows of Naran-Kaghan, Lulusar Lake, and Babusar top. This route is only available on summer days, from mid of May to August.
  5. In winter, plan your trip to cover Kohistan & Chilas region at night.
  6. Passu cones, Juglot junction of 3 largest mountain ranges, and much more comes across the way.
  7. Kachura village comes before Skardu; better to take a break at Shangrila before entering into Skardu city.
  8. Take a night’s rest at Skardu and plan to tour the Baltistan region.
  9. City of Skardu to Shigar traveling time is less than an hour.
  10. Manthoka to Skardu waterfall traveling takes around 2.5 hours.
  11. Skardu to Basho meadows takes more than 3 hours of traveling.
  12. Valley of Skardu to Khaplu valley distance is 103 km and takes 2.5 hours of traveling.

These are the detailed travel guide to Skardu and across the region. Better to hire a trained tour guide to help you out in time management. The more important thing to follow during the Skardu trip is to manage time smartly.

Is Skardu worth visiting?

Skardu is the only region having lush green meadows, snow-covered mountains, hot water springs, sky-touching waterfalls, and the highest peaks within a range of 200 km. The densest tourist destinations hub and a trip to Skardu are worth way more than a tourist expects. Skardu is also called the tourism hub of Pakistan for a reason and no doubt a worth visiting destination.

Skardu is known to be a peaceful region of Pakistan. The peoples of Skardu Baltistan are nice-hearted and good.

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