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Top Tourist points in Khaplu Ghanche

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Khaplu is located at the verge of Baltistan. Many highly visited areas are located in this valley. Located in district Ghanche (Gang means snow, che means six in urdu). Total of six large glaciers in Khaplu Ghanche, this regions which is the main contributor of the total water of Indus river (Darya Sindh). Khaplu is the undiscovered region of tourism, which have high potential of tourist attraction than Hunza. Following are the top tourist points in Khaplu Ghanche.

Khaplu Hushe

Khaplu city headquarter of district Ghanche.

Top Tourist Points of Khaplu Ghanche:

  • Yabgo Khar (Khaplu Fort)
  • Chaqchan Mosque (Chaqchan Masjid)
  • Mashabrum view point
  • Hushy Valley
  • Mashabrum Peak
  • Kundus Valley
  • Dumsum Valley
  • Saltoro Valley
  • Chorbat Siksa

Yabgo Khar (Serena Fort)

Royal palace of yabgo family used to be the ruling class of Khaplu district till 1972. This palace is constructed back in early 1900s. A piece of highly virtuoso architect, having same royal residence, tax collection center, prison and other administrative offices in the same building. More interestingly, hawk eyes of the king to inspect opposition attacking are also at the roof top of the same building. Yabgo Khar (Royal Palace) is the top tourist points in Khaplu Ghanche.

Chaqchan Masjid

Constructed in back 1600s and one the oldest mosques in the regions. Its known to be the first mosque constructed when Buddhist converted muslims became large in numbers in the region.

It is famous for another regions as wee, that the old narators used to narrate that a chain was connection the mosque minar to the sky in the beginning.

Later on, its disconnected due to lake of faith of near about muslims (no one knows the fact).

Mashabrum View Point

Mashabrum view point is recently constructed at Yochung chomik. From where the mighty Mashabrum wearing white dress of snow throughout the year.

Hushe Valley

Hushe Valley is the last village before Mashabrum peak. Its also called the home of Ibex. From a local narrator, in winter villagers can see group of 800 to 1000 ibex visiting river a few times weekly and in parallel the SNOW LEOPARD is also found there as well.

Hushe Valley

In hot summer, temperature of Hushe valley is used to be in between 15 to 25 degree centigrade. Highly suggested to people belongs to down areas to visit their once to explore the nature. Get to know how the local peoples fights for their survival.

Whenever I talked about Hushe, its unfair to not mention Little Karim. A legendary mountain climber having word record of climbing the peak with more than 25kg of weight. I will write a separate article on the legendary person later.

If you visit Hushe, don’t forgot to meet Little karim the legend.

Mashabrum Peak

One of the 14 mountains having more than 5000meters sky touching peak.

Covered with snow all over the year. Hundreds of foreigners visited here annually to submit this peak, and number of unsung local hero’s in Hushe as well, who used to guide as gives accompany to climbers till the end.

Gashabrum is adjacent to Mashabrum peak, which is initial step of submit to Mashabrum. Unluckily, it is very fatal and lot of lives had been wasted during submit. Weather is very harsh and never mind to create hurdle in the prime cause of climbers. Clouds also travels super fast, it take 20-30 minutes to convert a sunny day into intense rain and vice versa.

Mashabrum (Left) Gashabrum (Right)

Dumsum Valley

Dumsum is one of the very fascinating place to visit and this area is not explored by outsiders till now. I haven’t seen any outsider travelling this area.

Raining scenes in above embedded video is actually Dumsum, which i captured during my last trip their.

Kundus Valley

Very famous for neighbour village of Siachen glacier and hot spring.

A unique hot spring is located here in Kundus, where we can cook eggs by let it dipped in running water for 10-12 minutes. The same spring is mixing a glacier originated channel and in the bone freezing winter upto -40 degree centigrade, channel doesn’t freezes.

Chorbat Valley

This valley is just as same as Minimarg region of Astore but undiscovered. All cultural heritages of Baltistan can be found in Chorbat valley.

Chorbat Farano Valley

LOC is cutting the Chorbat valley is two pieces, the larger part is in Pakistan and 3 villages in the captivity of enemy country. Due to sensitivity of the reason, non-locals can’t easily capture these spots into their lenses.

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