35 places to visit in Skardu

35 Top Destinations Of Skardu You Must Visit Once In A Lifetime

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Skardu is the most emerging tourist destination in Pakistan. Tourist destinations in Skardu are very unique and scenic as compared to the rest of Pakistan.

Skardu has very tourist friendly environment. The living price for tourists are affordable. Most importantly, people and culture of Baltistan loves travelers.

The list of famous tourist destination located in Skardu Baltistan are as follows:

  • Skardu valley
  • Buddha rock manthal Skardu
  • Organic village Skardu
  • Kharpocho fort Skardu
  • Basho valley
  • Basho meadows
  • Chocolate Rock Basho Skardu
  • Chunda valley, Skardu
  • Upper Kachura Lake, Skardu
  • Lower Kachura Lake (Shangrila Resort) Skardu
  • Manthokha waterfall Kharmang
  • Khamosh Waterfall Kharmang
  • Shigar Fort (Fong Khar) Shigar
  • Hashopi Bagh (Garden) Shigar
  • Gulapur village, Shigar
  • Shigar valley
  • Blind Lake Shigar
  • Cold Desert Skardu
  • Sadpara Lake, Skardu
  • Deosai National Park, Skardu
  • Marsur rock, Hussainabad Skardu
  • Khaplu valley, Ghanche
  • Kharfaq lake, Khaplu Ghanche
  • Hushe Valley, Khaplu Ghanche
  • Chaqchan Mosque, Khaplu Ghanche
  • Yabgo Fort, Khaplu Ghanche
  • Saling valley (Cricket Stadium and Meadow) Khaplu
  • Masherbrum Peak viewpoint, Yochung Khaplu
  • Siachen valley
  • Kundus Valley, Mashabrum Khaplu
  • Haldi Cones, Mashabrum Khaplu
  • Machulu Organic village Khaplu
  • Kaldaq Broq (Meadows) Khaplu
  • Sogha Lake, Khaplu
  • Balghar Ranga (Meadows) Khaplu Ghanche
  • Door to heaven Keris valley, Khaplu Ghanche

Skardu is the tourism capital of Pakistan. Where you can travel either by road or by plane. Juglot-Skardu road project will be completed in 2022 and the road condition is far better. The most worth visiting tourist destination in Pakistan is Skardu right now.

Each tourist destination of Skardu has its specialty and you will get something new at every footstep. The detailed description of tourist destinations in Skardu are:

Skardu Valley

Skardu valley is the headquarter of the Baltistan division. Which is located in the north of Pakistan. Skardu valley is the gateway to the world’s second-highest mountain K2, Gasherbrum ¡ and Gasherbrum ¡¡. Islamabad to Skardu traveling time is around 15 hours by road and 1 hour 15 minutes by plane.

Buddha Rock Manthal

Buddha rock is located in Manthal village of Skardu city. This rock is more than 1300 years old. It was carved and scripted by locals at that time for the preaching of their peer Gautam Buddha.

Organic Village Skardu

Organic village Skardu is one of the most visited destinations in Skardu. The lifestyle of people living in Nangsoq organic village mostly resembles before the industrial revolution. This valley is at 30 minutes hiking from Skardu city.

Kharpocho Fort Skardu

Kharpocho Fort Skardu was built by Ali Sher Khan Anchan in the early 1500. It is one of the few historical landmarks of the golden era of Baltistan. Kharpocho fort is the oldest fort in Gilgit Baltistan. Altit and Baltit Fort of Hunza were also designed by the architects of Ali Sher Khan Anchan.

Cold Desert Skardu

The only desert having heavy snowfall is Cold Desert Skardu. Dancing dunes in the middle of the Himalayan range. It’s one of the most scenic destinations in Skardu.

Sadpara Lake Skardu

Sadpara Lake is the backbone of power generation in district Skardu. The power generation and water supply of Skardu city mostly rely on the Sadpara dam. Sadpara Lake has boating and high-speed jets to enjoy your trip.

Deosai Plains Skardu

Deosai plains are 25km away from Skardu valley. The most visited tourist destination of Skardu is Deosai which is the home of the brown bear of Himalaya.

Marsur Rock Skardu

Marsur rock resembles the Trolltunga Norway. Birdeye view can be seen from the tip of Mursur rock. This tourist destination is at 4 hours of hiking from Hussainabad Skardu.

Upper Kachura Lake

Upper Kachura Lake is a 1.5 hours drive from Skardu city. This lake is also called ‘Jarba Xoo’ (Blind Lake). Boating, cliff diving, fishing, and high-speed jets are available in Upper Kachura Lake Skardu.

Lower Kachura Lake (Shangrila Resort)

Shangrila Resort is the most expensive hotel in Skardu. Lower Kachura Lake is owned by ancestors of Rtd. Brig. Aslam. Hoteling facility constructed all around this lake. The rate per night stay at Shangrila Resort is a minimum of 30,000 rupees.

Basho Valley

Basho is a small scenic valley. Which is at 3 hours traveling from Skardu.

Basho Meadows

Basho meadows are the most emerging tourist destination in Skardu. A lush green meadow at the shoulder of a rocky mountain and a river crossing by the middle. Arguably the best sight to watch in Skardu.

Chocolate Rock Basho

Chocolate rock Basho came under the spotlight after a local photographer posted a photo on social media. A bunch of rocks looks like chocolate which makes it so beautiful.

Manthokha Waterfall

Manthokha waterfall is located in the district of Kharmang. This waterfall is artificial. The overflow of a hydel power plant is shaped into a waterfall. Anyhow, the scene at Manthokha waterfall is astonishing. Tree huts very next to the waterfall are something exceptional to try once atleast.

Khamosh waterfall

Khamosh waterfall is also located in district Kharmang. This waterfall is all-natural and way more beautiful than the Manthokha waterfall. Khamosh waterfall is located at 3 hours of travel from Skardu valley.

Shigar Fort

Shigar fort which locally called ‘Fong Khar’ (Rock castle). The cornerstone of this castle on based on a gigantic rock. This fort is 400 years old and the architects are just similar to Kharpocho fort Skardu. Shigar fort is located at the center of Shigar Khas.

Hashopi Bagh Shigar

Apples of Hashopi bagh are so famous in the region, which is just 30 minutes away from Shigar fort.

Gulabpur Village

Gulabpur is a small valley located in the district of Shigar.

Blind Lake Shigar

Blind lake Shigar is located in the middle of Skardu and Shigar. This lake is so scenic and full of a variety of fishes. Don’t miss swimming in Blind Lake Shigar. It’s a free fishing zone in Shigar.

Khaplu Valley

Khaplu Valley is the home of the oldest mosque in the region Chaqchan Mosque, Yabgo Fort, Thoqsikhar, and the gateway to Gasherbrum peak. Skardu to Khaplu distance is is 100km. This valley is the most underrated tourist destination in Gilgit Baltistan.

Kharfaq Lake

Kharfaq Lake is located just above the Kharfaq valley of district Ghanche. The only way to get there is tracking either from Khaplu Broq (Kaldaq) or from Kharfaq village.

Hushy Valley, Khaplu

Hushe valley is the corner most village of Hushe Nala. Next to Hushe is the arrogant standing tall Gasherbrum peak. The temperature in Hushe fall below -30°C in winter. The people of Hushy are so loving.

Saling Valley, Khaplu

Saling valley is the most scenic destination located in district Ghanche, Khaplu. Ganche district administration organized all Gilgit Baltistan tournaments at Saling cricket stadium in 2022. This valley is just a 20-minute drive from Khaplu.

Masherbrum View Point Yochung

Masherbrum viewpoint Yochung is just 20 minutes away from Khaplu valley.

Siachen Valley

Tourists were not allowed to go to the Siachen valley before 2022. This valley is now open to tourists and the beauty of this valley has never been discussed before.

Siachen road intersects into 2 at Dumsum valley. One goes to Saltoro valley and the second goes to Kundus valley.

Both valleys are supernaturally beautiful. Peoples are so humble and simple. Traveling time to Siachen valley from Khaplu is around 3 to 4 hours.

Haldi Cones Khaplu

Haldi cones are way more unique and beautiful than Hunza cones. Which is just 25 minutes driving distance from Khaplu.

Machulu Organic Village

People living in Machulu are still following the old customs of organic foods and vintage-style homes. Traveling time from Khaplu city to Machulu is around 45 minutes.

Kaldaq Khaplu

Kaldaq is the posture land of Khaplu where the locals mostly rely on the feed their cattle on summer days. The landscape of Kaldaq is so beautiful. Which lies above the city of Khaplu.

Sogha Lake

Sogha valley is located next to Saling valley. This lake is located in Sogha valley. The water source of this lake is a freshwater spring. The drinking water of Sogha valley is fully dependent on this lake water.

Balghar Ranga

A lush green meadow located in Balghar valley called Balghar ranga. It is famous as pasture land, cricket stadium, tourist point, and camping site.

Door to Heaven, Keris valley

Karis valley is the gateway to district Ghanche. A hanging wooden bridge connecting Keris valley to Siachen road is famously called the ‘door to heaven’.

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