TOP 5 FORTS and Best Historical Landmarks in Gilgit-Baltistan

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Kharpocho Fort

Build by the king of Skardu Ali Sher Khan Anchan in 16 century. It was part of his brilliance defence mindset, location is very important to observe and tackle the foreign campaigns to annex Baltistan region. Ali Sheh Khan Anchan enjoyed the most diverse Balti state in history from Ladakh to Chitral. The most hardest to access for enemy forts in Gilgit Baltistan.

kharpocho-fort skardu
kharpocho-fort skardu

Fong Khar (Shigar Fort)

Shigar royal family is a descendant from Maqpon raj of Skardu. Two sons of the Maqpon family in 17 century split the state into two pieces to avoid any status queue conflict.

Shigar Fort

Yabgo Khar (Khaplu Fort)

Build in 1840 by the king of Khaplu Raja Daulat Ali Khan replacing the old fort of Gharalti. Khaplu is located at the altitude of 26000 meters, capital of Ghache district. Pathway to ancient trade route of Ladakh also from this city. This royal palace is the highest tourist visiting point of Khaplu.

Khaplu fort has 5 floors. 1st floor was prison, 2nd floor was used for public dealings, 3rd floor staff deals with tax collecting and account matters, 4th floor was royal residency and 5th floor for the women’s of the royal family.

Yabgo Khar

Baltit Fort

Ali Sher Khan Anchan extended the Pololo state to Chitral. During extension of the state, also called the golden era of Baltistan raj, they conquered the Gilgit region. Balti king constructed this masterpiece, and it is named after him as Baltit Fort.

Batit Fort

Altit Fort

Altit fort is one of the oldest forts in Gilgit baltistan. this fort specifically its shikari tower (used to observe movement of enemies in the region) 1100 year old. Altit fort has received the UNESCO Asia Pacific Heritage Award for Cultural Heritage Conservation in 2011. This is among the best tourist destinations of Hunza.

Altit fort hunza
Altit fort hunza

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