Khaplu valley

Khaplu valley, land of glaciers and Valleys

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Khaplu Valley

This valley has very richness in culture,trade history, tiny heavenly villages in between sky touching high peaks. Khaplu is also named as the land of glaciers. Khaplu is the headquarter of district Ghanche, which means 6 glaciers (Gang means glaciers in local Balti language and Che means Six). Few top tourist points of Khaplu Ghanche are enlisted below.

The oldest mosque of Baltistan is also located in Khaplu, which is clearly depicting the fact that the process of islamization from the budhist religion starts from here.

Top destinations of Khaplu

Following valleys are the top tourist destinations of Khaplu Ghanche:

  • Balghar Valley
  • Hushe Valley
  • Saling Valley
  • Mashabrum Valley
  • Kundus valley
  • Dumsum Valley
  • Saltoro valley
Khaplu valley

Balghar Valley

Balghar is located at the verge of Ghanche, connecting from Skardu having a village in between. Balghar is very famous for local musicians, grassy landscaps and for the game of kings “Free Style Polo”.

Local music is almost distinct in Baltistan because of conflict with islamic belief and musicians were not recognised in past. The professionals didn’t got enough respect to pursue their passion and pass on to the next generation. In the current time, a pure soulful local musicians can only be found in this valley.

Hushe Valley

Hushe is located at the brink of Mashabrum peak. The most scenic place of Khaplu valley. Its also known be the hub of foreign tourist of Ghanche. Travelling distance of Khaplu to Hushe is alsmot 3-4 hour full of adventure with 5-10km of bouncy roads 🙂

Hushe is known to be the home of ibex and snow leopards (in-danger specie). Where a trophy hunting of ibex after taking prior permission NOC from tourism department of GB can also be possible. Hushe is one of the top tourist points of Khaplu.

Saling Valley

Saling is very next to Khaplu, less than 20minutes of travelling distance, this valley is very rich in natural springs. Spangtog, a grassy land which is known to be the view point of Khaplu city.

This small valley having springs, grasslands, mountains,hotels, fish farms and parks; no other village in Baltistan having all this facilities within 10km circle. Thats why, its a never to be missed tourist spot of Ghanche.

Mashabrum Valley

Tehsil Mashbrum of district Ghanche having number of unexplored villages.

  • Kundus Valley
  • Dumsum Valley
  • Saltoro Valley

Kundus Valley

Kundus valley is famous for pur “Salajeet” (Shilajeet) and natural hot spring. Kundus having very rich shilajeet mines and most of the locals financial circle is based on the extraction of salajeet. Another wonder in Kundus is a ‘Hot Spring having boiling water spilling out.’ This hot spring is very next to Siachen glacier and having above 90C through out the year.

Dumsum Valley

The power generation hub of nearby areas, Dumsum also have very beautiful landscapes and springs, which is at travelling distance of 48km from Khaplu (nearly 3 hours travelling time).

Saltoro Valley

Saltoro valley is known as Siachen as well, this valley is located at the neck of world highest battle field between pakistan and india. Located very next to Dumsum, both valleys can be covered in a single trip from Khaplu. Between June to Aug is the best time to visit this village.

Khaplu valley
Khaplu valley

Chaqchan Masjid of Khaplu

Chaqchan Masjid is the oldest mosque in Baltistan region including Ladakh in Indian occupied territory. The founding stone of Chaqchan was laid by the Syed Ameer Kabir Hamdani, the religious leader of Sofia Imamia Norbakhshia sect. This fact is evident that the light of islam starts from Khaplu in Baltistan region back in 16 century. The art work of Chaqchan Mosque is magnificent.

Located in Khaplu city and there’s no any restriction or time define to visit this place. Better to not visit with family during prayers time,otherwise you have to visit a bit to respect the norms of the society. Photography and visiting evry corner of the mosque is freely allowed, so you never need to hesitate for anything during your trip. Chaqchan mosque is the second highest busiest tourist points of Khaplu Ghanche.

Khaplu Fort (Yabgo Khar)

The royal palace of Yabgo family, their kingdom power ends during Z.A.Bhutto’s first visit to Baltistan. This palace is full of virtuoso architectural master pieces, every facility on to the next door; this palace having all public dealing offices inside. Tax collection center, public court and prisoner were used to be deal under one roof. Yabgo Khar/Khaplu fort is the most visited tourist points of Khaplu Ghanche.

Serena hotel Khaplu

Serena group is basically acquired this palace and built a full luxury hotel. The royal standard of living endures at Serena Khaplu Palace hotel, one of the finest surviving examples of a royal residence in Baltistan. Surrounded by village looked garden full of fruit trees, this elegant hotel in a restored 19th-century royal palace is a 13-minute walk from the 14th-century Chaqchan Mosque.

Mashabrum Peak Hushe

Masherbrum is located in Hushe Valley of Ghanche District, Gilgit Baltistan. At 7,821 m (25,659 ft) it is the 22nd highest mountain in the world and the 9th highest in Pakistan. It was the first scaled peak in the Karakoram mountain range, hence the designation “K1”. Little Karim of Hushe is called the son of mashabrum having many heroic achievements on mashabrum located next to his residency.

Hotels in Khaplu Valley

Khaplu valley have number of good quality hotels. Karakoram Lodge (4 star hotel), PTDC Motel Khaplu, Serena Hotel Khaplu, and many other mid level hotels. Khaplu fort is the most expensive one as compare to other two. PTDC is one of the busiest hotels of Khaplu and Karakoram lodge having very good sit in space to witness the galaxies at night.

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