The Indian Army’s Land Warfare Doctrine 2018 (LWD-18): A Critical Analysis

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But, if deterrence fails, then, that can
lead to nuclear exchange because Pakistan is very clear on
saying that we will use all our resources once it comes to
aggression from an enemy. Of course we are not saying
that we will use them (TNWs) immediately. We will keep
our cards close to our chest. But, we are not going to accept defeat. We are not going to allow them success. That, is our doctrine.

If conventional balance of power tilts in India’s favour, Pakistan would be compelled to lower the threshold and connect its conventional strategy with nuclear weapons:
“One of the major of objectives of Pakistan’s nuclear capability is to deter not only India’s nuclear capability, but also their conventional aggression. That’s why our nuclear doctrine and nuclear policy remain sensitive to any changes in India’s conventional doctrine and force capabilities. So, the major effect would be lowering of nuclear threshold which is neither good for India nor good for Pakistan”
Brig. (Retd.) Dr Naeem A. Salik

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