Shakib ul Hassan LBW decision was 100% right & busted all dirty allegations| T20 World cup 2022

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People need to use a little more common sense and actually take biased blinders off.

Shakib ul Hassan LBW decision was actually one of the best decisions of the T20 world cup 2022. The 3rd umpire read the ultra edge graph beautifully and accurately.

In the ultra edge graph, the wave runs from left to right. The wave shown here is at end of time frame, which means it is registering the sound that occured very slightly before the freezeframe. It clearly depicts the fact the bat touches the ground just before the freezed frame.

That is the sound of the bat hitting ground. The bat hat hit the ground and was on its way up already. Hence the gap of the wave CANNOT be the ball hitting bat because that wave would first register on the left side of the time frame not the extreme right side.

There are lot of criticism faced by empires in this tournament, but this time empires was pretty right. Most of the time, netizens starts firing guns without knowing the facts and techniques of the specific case to read.

If you can’t read them, stay silent.

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