Supreme court verdict on CM Panjab, A Welcoming Instability

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The Supreme court just announced its verdict on the CM Panjab power game issue.

Dost Mazari’s ruling on disqualification of Chaudhery’s party vote directly goes to court on July 22, 2022. Court took 4 days to decide the fate of Hamza Shehbaz’s chief ministership.

The ten crucial votes were decisive during the CM election in the Panjab assembly, all of a sudden Chaudhery Shujaat turned the table by writing a letter to the speaker of the assembly to disqualify the votes of his party. Despite not having his representation in the assembly, the speaker took his words and made the ruling.

This biased decision turned around the dreams of Pervaiz Elahi to become CM of Panjab.

The court just announced the verdict and disqualified Hamza Shehbaz from the CM seat. Which directly elected Pervaiz Elahi as CM of Panjab.

It is clear in Article 63/A-1B that the decision of the parliamentary party must be followed. The direction of the party head is certainly given importance, but the final decision is taken by the parliamentary party and every MPA is bound to follow it.

PMLN lost its cradle province all of sudden in the battle with Imran Khan.

It’s high time for PTI that their allies came into power in Panjab.

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