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The Central Superior Service (CSS) exam is conducted every year in February. However, as of 2019, there are 189 vacant seats quota wise for the candidates f all provinces. To fill these vacant seats, the Federal Public Service Commission has announced that the special CSS exam will be conducted in December 2020 to fill these seats.

The Special Assistant to Prime Minister ON Establishment Division, Shehzad Arbab as confirmed that the exam will be taken in December fill these vacant seats.

It is important to note that there are vacant seats from three provinces including Sindh rural which has 41 vacant seats, Sindh Urban 19, Baluchistan has 49 vacant seats, 2 seats for Federal Capital including Islamabad, while KPK has only 22 remaining seats, and Punjab minority has 39 seats for the country’s top most exam CSS to select the bureaucrats.
Importantly, it is worth mentioning that the regular exam of CSS will be taken as per its schedule in February 2021. This is first time in history that the special CSS exam will be conducted as per the same rules, and procedures as it is conducted in February each year.
According to sources, Federal Public Service Commission chairman and the government officials has agreed upon the same. The advertisement of the exam will be published in next month when the coronavirus situation becomes normal.


The CSS exam is conducted each year in February to select bureaucrats who implement the laws of state. It is noteworthy that due to uneven education system across provinces, the candidates of Sindh, Baluchistan, and KPK can not qualify the exam due to academic lack. Therefore, each year seats remain vacant for Baluchistan, Sindh, KPK, and women seats of all provinces including Punjab. Therefore, these seats are carried forward for
next year and the dilemma remains same. Therefore, the incumbent government of PTI has decided to take CSS exam for vacant positions for Sindh which has 41 vacant seats for Urban domiciles candidates, while, Baluchistan has 49 vacant seats. KPK has 16 vacant seats this for CSS 2020. The women quota has 38 vacant seats across Pakistan in all provinces including Federal Capital Islamabad and Azad Jammu& Kashmir.
Women from all provinces including Punjab can compete for these 38 vacant seats as well.

CSS Special Exam 2020 approval given by the Prime Minister of Pakistan. This exam is going to held for the filling of vacant posts which were remained vacant in the previous exam. This information was revealed in today’s capital talk show of Hamid Mir. This upcoming CSS Special Exam 2020 for the candidates of Balochistan, Sindh, and KPK. Candidates belonging to Punjab Province will not be able to take benefit from this special exam of CSS. All the posts of CSS are already filled with the quota fixed for Punjab.

CSS Special Exam Syllabus

This is the first time in the history of Pakistan such type of special CSS Exam will be conducted. It is still unclear whether the same rules of CSS 2020 will be applied to CSS Special Exam. Or new criteria will be set for this and as well as CSS 2020 syllabus will be followed or not, it is still unclear. Many questions have arisen in the minds of CSS aspirants, such as will the students get an extra attempt who have completed the previous three attempts? Will there any age relaxation be given to candidates who have reached their age of upper limit for CSS Exam.

CSS Special Exam 2020 province wise Quota

It is the first time in the history of Pakistan, the Imran Khan’s Government has allowed a
special exam of CSS to fill 188 vacant seats.
 49 for Balochistan
 41 for Sindh
 22 seats for KPK
 16 seats for FATA/GB)
The allocation will be done other than PSP, PAS, and FSP. Not sure, if the exam/test will be based on screening or complete competitive exams. Wait for this until finalization. The special exam will take place in November 2020 this year. The establishment division is already working on rules and other criteria. Shehzad Arbab Special Assistant to Prime Minister of Pakistan to Establishment Division in a televised interview confirmed this news. He further said that PM Imran Khan asked for a special exam for CSS. The test date for the Special CSS exam is not mentioned but it will be conducted as the situation become normal. Most probably there are chances Special Exam for CSS will be held in November or December 2020. Furthermore he said in this regard several meetings held with the chairman FPSC and he is agreed on conducting such an exam in the near future.

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