Sogha lake Khaplu

Sogha Lake of Khaplu Ghanche

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Shoyk River is intersecting the astonishing Sigha valley which is located in Khaplu. Sogha village having a total population of around 50 to 60 families. All families of this village are relatives. Sogha lake is the top tourist attraction site of Khaplu Sogha.

This valley is famous for fresh fruits which include a never-ending list. The specialty of Khaplu Sogha valley is ‘Red Apple’. The mouthwatering apricot in this valley is also incomparable. Sogha is very next to Saling Cricket Stadium.

Khaplu Sogha lake

Sogha lake is the welcoming door of this beautiful valley. This village has no other water supply means except Sogha Lake. this sole Lake is the lifeline of Sogha valley which is their only drinkable water source. This lake is so special; the water temperature in summer is below 10°C. The villagers engineered to utilize such a low temperature as a freezer to increase the shelf life of milk and other food products. A cubical leak-proof bucket 90% dipped in the water acts as a freezer. The local committee of Sogha itself enforcing it. Visitors have no permission to enter the village.  

The specialities of Sogha lake are:

  • Crystal clear water stream from the lake
  • Water source is natural
  • Water is free of impurities; salts and minerals
  • The temperature of the water is below 10°C in summer
  • In the Sogha lake, there is no place for swimming.

How to reach Sogha Valley?

Sogha is multi-road village which have road access from its both ends. The Khaplu-Saling road is less time taking. Kharko/Balghar road will also lead you to Sogha, but after the trip, you will all be exhausted.

Khaplu to Sogha via Saling-Road takes 30 minutes. Saling to Sogha trekking takes around 1.5 hours. In the sunny days, trekking is not recommended.

In winter, peoples of Sogha use the locally manufactured boat (Xaq) to travel to Khaplu. Which is a short time consuming than via road. Khaplu to Sogha having less than 10km of displacement.

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