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Snowfall in Skardu starts from the mid of December and the harsh winter ends in the last weeks of February. The snow falling season in Skardu remains for around 2 months. However, the mighty peaks of Skardu remain under the curtain of snow till June. The more the height of the mountain, the more it takes the time to meltdown.

Snow falling in Skardu is more worth exploring than the snow falling view of Murree. In winter, it is highly recommended to visit Skardu instead of Murree to witness the glittering snowflakes.

Snowfall in Hunza occurs in just like SKardu. In Hunza, snow fall season starts from mid of December ends in last weeks of February. Most importantly, Skardu is a way more superior tourist destination than Hunza.

The top photographic locations of Skardu in winter are Cold desert Skardu, Skardu airport, frozen Manthoka waterfall, Shanrgilla lake, upper Kachura lake, Deosai plains, Shigar valley, Khaplu valley and Skardu valley from the view point of Kharpocho fort.

Is Skardu road open during snowfall?

Skardu road remains open 12 months a year. In winter, Skardu road remains open, and there’s no risk of blockage due to land sliding. The harsh winter freezes down the potential areas of sliding which eliminates the risk of land sliding. The Gilgit-Skardu road project is also expected to end in the mid of 2022.

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