Hunza in winter
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There is heavy snowfall in Hunza from December to February. These three months is the severe winter season of the region. The temperature of Hunza drops below freezing point during these winter months.

Despite of multiple tourism opportunities like snow falling, ice hockey, and ski events, tourism in Hunza touches the lowest in Hunza during winter. Thousands of tourists turn their way towards Murree, Kalam, and Swat region to explore winter tourism in contrary to the fact that Hunza and Skardu regions have more potential.

The worth visiting region of Pakistan during winter are Hunza valley, Naltar valley, Skardu valley, and Astore valley.

Hunza vs Murree

  • Snowfall in Hunza is way more beautiful than Murree.
  • Dry fruits in Hunza are purely natural and cheap than in Murree.
  • The environment and climate of Hunza are so peaceful and clean than Murree.
  • Top photographic scenes for explorers located in Hunza.
  • A week’s stay in Hunza is cheaper than a single-night stay in Murree in winter.

These all-key differences make Hunza more superior to the winter top destination of Pakistan Murree.

Hunza is partially explored in winter and many things to dig out now. The frozen Atta-Abad Lake and ice hockey in Hunza are worth paying than traveling the rest of the country during the cold winter season.

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