Snow leopard attacked livestock in Ghanche

Snow leopard attacked on livestock in Saltoro Ghanche, KILLED 100+ ANIMALS

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Snow leopard attacked on livestock in Saltoro Ghanche. More than 30 livestock were killed and 55 were injured after being attacked by Himalayan mountain cat snow leopard. It is the second instance that snow leopard attacked livestock and animals in Saltoro. The previous attack was followed by 87 deaths and more than 100 injuries in Saltoro Ghaglu Bruq in the month of June.

Such repeated attacks have caused great distress and economic loss to the people. Despite repeated appeals from the public to the administration and the government, no action has been taken, which has resulted in huge losses to the poor people of Saltoro. The major source of income for the residence of Saltoro is animals and livestock. The people of Saltoro are appealing to the district administration and the responsible agencies for compensation and take steps to prevent such an attack in the future.

There had been three such attacks in Sino Mashabrum in the recent past. They also bore the heavy loss.

Sino and Saltoro are connected to the same mountain range. The whole chain of villages on the same belt is on alert and worrisome for their cattle and animals. Snow leopard attack on livestock also results in loss of more than 50 in most cases. In some cases, the loss exceeds the triple-figure.

Steps must be taken to prevent such an attack, otherwise, there is a strong possibility of further damage.

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