Minimarg Astore Gilgit Baltistan

Skardu to Minimarg travel guide, Explore the best trip in Pakistan

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Minimarg is one of the many villages located in the Astore District of Gilgit Baltistan. It is a scenic valley located close to the world-famous Deosai plains. People living in that region speak the Shina language.

Minimarg is the most emerging tourist destination of Gilgit Baltistan.

Minimarg Astore

Skardu to Minimarg travel guide

Skardu itself is among the most visited sites of Pakistan in 2021. Traveling to Minimarg from Skardu has the easiest and adventurous road. There are two different roads from Skardu to Minimarg, which are through Chilim valley and the second route from Murtaza camp (Chota Deosai).

Skardu to Minimarg through Chilim takes around 6 hours. Deosai plains come in between Chilim valley and Skardu valley. This is the most visited and busiest road of Deosai.

The second and the unexplored route from Skardu to Minimarg passes through Murtaza top or Chota Deosai. It takes up to 2 hours more than the Chilim road but added with a lot of adventure. Dumbabahao meadows had never come under the lens of an explorer to date. The whole road via Mini-Deosai is almost an unexplored jewel. The most important point to keep in mind is, no one can travel to Minimarag without an NOC to visit this sensitive area. Procedure to get travel permission to Minimarg is not so simple by-the-way.

The longest road from Skardu to Minimarg

Skardu to Kharmang Turghon village which takes around 4~5 hours. Then to follow Turghon to Hussaini Top, which is at 14200+ft height from sea level. Dehri is next to Hussaini top and just after Dehri the next destination is Gultari Shaqma.

There are three mini villages adjacent to Dehri. The lifestyle of these villages is fully organic and dependent on livestock and agriculture.

Hussaini top has more than 4 crystal clear lakes. These lakes are never coming under the lens and are worth exploring this destination. The road condition is not that good, highly recommended to steer up to Hussaini top on 4x vehicle.
There are two branches of the road from Gultari Shaqma; one goes to India Kaksar following the Shingo river and the second route goes to Bonyal. The next destination after Bonyal is Franshart and then Gultari. The second name of Gultari is Mini Deosai.

This route is connected to Minimarg Astore crossing Dumbabaho and Domel. This was the old mule track for trade and transportation which was upgraded to a single road later in the 90s. this is the longest road from Skardu to Minimarg Astore.

Skardu to Minimarg travel is one of the most adventurous trips.

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