Skardu is the tourist capital of Pakistan for a reason

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Skardu is the tourist capital of Pakistan for a reason. It resembles the world’s famous tourist attraction Switzerland from every aspect. The four seasons of Skardu have different faces of adventure. The spring brings cherry blossom season, blossoming the region full of flowers all around and soothing perfume valley. The summer season brings lots of fresh fruits, lush green meadows, and crystal-clear lakes. The fall season turns the region into brown nurtured leaves. The winter season of Skardu covers up the whole valley under the snowflakes and shines like a snow lake.

Why to visit Skardu?

Visiting Skardu anytime from January to December is as worthy as visiting Switzerland or Norway. The tourist sites of Skardu include lakes, waterfalls, lush green meadows, sky scrapper mountains, best hiking, and tracking tracks, the best road trip, top camping sites, and 100% organic local foods.

Travelling to Skardu

Traveling to Skardu is so easy these days. Anyone can reach out to Skardu via domestic flight from all major cities of Pakistan. If you are an international traveler, you can reach Skardu by catching an international flight to Skardu directly from Nepal, UEA, and other few countries as well. Skardu road project is just completed and traveling via Skardu road is as much adventurous as visiting Skardu itself. If the budget is limited, it is highly recommended to visit Skardu by road, which has more adventure at less cost.

Skardu is the tourist capital for a reason, which has a lot of potential for business. The tourism business industry of Skardu is just flourishing. There are a lot of opportunities to invest in the hoteling and service facility sectors. The future of tourism in Skardu is unimaginably huge. Some statistical analysis states that Skardu has the potential to become worth 1 billion tourism industry within 5 years. the agricultural sector has much more potential which is still unexplored. The fresh fruits of this region have never came to the market yet and locals have just started the investment in this sector.

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