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Is Skardu road dangerous?

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Skardu Road (S-Ⅰ)

Skardu road (Strategic Highway S-Ⅰ) is located 7000+ft above sea level. The total length of the Gilgit-Skardu road is 167km which starts from Juglot and ends at Skardu city.
Skardu road is one of the dangerous roads in the world. The casualties’ recovery rate is zero. It’s a single route having a huge load of traffic. The only transference source of food and fuel to the northern region of Pakistan. It was never overhauled since its construction. 40 billion rupees project of S-Ⅰ is underway. This mega project completion date is December 2021.

Baltistan Highway

Gilgit-Skardu road is known to be the most fearsome road in the world. It is also called the 8th wonder of the world. This strategic road S-1 project was initiated in the 1960s by the Pakistan army and Chinese engineers which was finalized in 1982

Peak hours of Gilgit-Skd road are between 07:00 AM to 08:00 PM. The most irksome time to travel on S-Ⅰ is in April and July. Usually face very frequent land sliding due to melting of ice on mountains. It is advised to avoid traveling via Skardu road in April and July unnecessarily.

In the mid of summer, the route remained closed on average ten days in July-August. Most tourists didn’t choose to travel to Skardu due to the frightening drive. Things are getting better, and the 40 billion project of the re-construction deadline is December 2021. After the completion of the Gilgit-Skardu Road Project, It will be turn out to be a highway model road to travel and explore the north.

Strategic Highway S-Ⅰ

The only road connects Pakistan to the Baltistan region. Without this road Siachen, K2, Deosai, and the whole mini-Tibet will never be a part of Pakistan. This strategic road helps Pakistan to stay firm in the region and resist the enemy.
S-1 makes it possible to keep this region under the occupancy of Pakistan. The enemy country has a very small portion of Balti-land on their side.

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