Skardu road opens for all traffic

Skardu Road Updates Helpline Numbers | Skardu Road Rapid Response Team

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Skardu road is open for all traffic. It is informed to all travelers and tourists to evaluate the weather condition before traveling on JSR (Juglot-Skardu Road).

Skardu road is highly vulnerable to flood, land sliding, and rock fall after the FWO reconstruction project. The challenges of road blockages are the after-effect blasting chemicals. A local survey report states that thousand tons of blasting chemicals were used during the project tenure of 2 years.

Skardu Road Helpline Numbers

Helpline numbers to contact regarding Gilgit Skardu road are as mentioned:

Deputy Commissioner Skardu control room helpline: +92 5815 920200

District Police Skardu control room helpline: +92 5815 930132

Assistant Commissioner Office Roundu control room helpline: +92 5815 922000

You may contact any of these numbers to get the latest updates on Juglot Skardu Road. All tourists are requested to start their traveling upon confirmation of Skardu road status from either of the office mentioned above.

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