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Skardu Airport KDU, How safe KDU is to fly & its amazing view

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Skardu Airport (IATA: KDU) is currently one of the busiest airports in Pakistan. Skardu International Airport is handling more than ten flights per day after a paradigm shift of tourism in Gilgit Baltistan.

How safe is Skardu Airport?

Skardu Airport KDU has a fair notes in the history book and never faced any deadly plane crashes to date. Flight schedules are highly dependent on the weather in Skardu. A cloudy sky makes it a bit difficult for the flight crew to locate the runway. Bad weather is the only reason for the delay or cancellation of flight to Skardu airport usually. KDU is large enough to handle an airbus.
A PIA Plane in Shangrilla Hotel Skardu was saved at the last minute before the crash. Then landed Shagrilla lake to avoid crash. Partially crashed plane was parked and construct a hotel in it.

View of KDU

Skardu international airport is no doubted the most beautiful airport in Pakistan. The scenes of KDU in winter are unmatchable to any airport in the world. High-altitude mountains are around Skardu Airport.

Skardu Airport in Winter

Skardu Airport KDU is about to get the status of an international airport in August. KDU grabbed the domestic flight boost after catching a sudden surge of tourism in the region.
KDU Skardu played a very vital role in promoting the tourism industry. The sole alternative for travelers and tourists in case of any unexpected events under construction is Skardu road

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