Siachen Valley Gilgit Baltistan

Siachen Valley | Travel Guide to Siachen valley of Gilgit Baltistan

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Siachen is a valley of pure souls, natural beauty, true art of God and above all the highest battle filed on earth.

Siachen Valley is located in the northern part of Pakistan. Siachen is part of tehsile Mashabrum, district Ghanche, Baltistan division of GB. There are many beautiful valleys in Siachen. Saltoro valley home of the Siachen glacier, Kundus valley, and Dumsum valley are among the high tourism potential areas.

Tourist destinations of Siachen Valley

These are the huge number of high tourist potential areas in Siachen. Few tourist destinations are as follows:

  • Haldi cones
  • Thagas valley
  • Sino valley
  • Gulshan-e-Kabeer valley
  • Dumsum valley
  • Saltoro valley
  • Kundus valley
  • Kundus hot spring
  • Siachen glacier

The map of Siachen Valley is:


Map of Siachen valley tourist destinations
Map of Siachen valley tourist destinations

Skardu to Siachen Travel Guide

Travel guides to Siachen from Skardu city are as follows:

  • You have to go to Khaplu city first, which is two and a half hours from Skardu.
  • Two routes connect Khaplu from Siachen; one from Saling valley and the second route from Surmo bridge. The first route is the shortest one.
  • Haldi cones start appearing just after starting your journey from Khaplu.
  • There’s no military camp till Dumsum valley. So, you are free to explore and can use any sort of camera by taking permission from locals.
  • When you reach Dumsum, all you have to do is to make an entry on the checkpost.
  • Dumsum is the junction point of Saltoro and Kundus valley.
  • If you catch the left route, you will reach Kundus valley, the right one leads you to Saltoro valley the home of the Siachen glacier.
  • Kundus valley is famous for its beauty, organic lifestyle, and the infamous hot spring.
  • A part of the Siachen glacier can also be seen from Kundus.
  • Saltoro valley is famous for its lush green landscape, the mighty Siachen glacier, Gyang, and the Gyari sector of the Pakistan army.
  • Siachen road ends at both ends of Kundus and Saltoro valley.
  • There’s no fuel pump in this valley. What I recommend is to fill your fuel tanks before making your move to Siachen.

The living style of People

People mostly rely on organic means such as meat, dry fruits, and other locally grown crops. Life becomes very tough in winter due to deadly cold weather next to the mighty glacier. Temperature falls below -25˚C in winter.

The major source of earnings are government jobs, small businesses, or left their homes to feed the family.

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