Siachen Glacier is open for tourist in India

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Siachen, World’s highest battlefield Siachen Glacier, previously banned for travellers and tourist, are not open for all tourist. According to defence minister of India Rajnath Singh, Tourism will be allowed from Siachen base camp to Kumar post that lies above 15000 ft.

India is now planning to construct a bridge on ‘Shyok river’ in eastern Ladakh named after ‘Colonel Chewang Rinchen Bridge’.

Siachen base camp at Partapur is at an altitude of 12,000 FEET and in winter temperature touches down -60 degree. The Bana post is the highest in Siachen, which is at the height of 23,000 feet.

Singh thinks that, “Ladakh has high potential of tourism. Better connectivity in Ladakh would certainly bring tourist in large numbers.”

Tourism in Siachen India

Siachen region of India; Ladakh and Kargil region are the tourist hub just as Gilgit Baltistan in Pakistan. In last summer, India opened this region for tourist. India also had build an airport in Siachen, very next to the giant glacier. Which is illegal by international law. But they violated as usual.

Ladakh and Kargil

Ladakh and Kargil both were part of Gilgit Baltistan region before the partition. Both regions have common culture and social norms, but the region across the border is very less developed than GB.

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