Shikari tower Gilgit

Taj Mughal Shikari Tower Gilgit, An Ideal Hiking Point

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Nearly 700 years old, the Victory Monument ‘Shikari Tower Gilgit’ of Taj Mughal stands as a reminder of Taj-ud-Din Mughal, an Ismaili ruler from Badakhshan who came to Gilgit Baltistan during the 13th century, AD.

When Tauj-ud-Din Mughal conquered Gilgit region, Shikari tower was constructed in Gilgit. The intention behind this tower was to control the navigation around Gilgit.

The monument measures at 14’-4” width and 21’-10” height, built by soldiers on the south mountain of Khomar and Jutial.

The restoration project was undertaken by GDA with due consultation with the AKCSP experts. and by deploying the skilled labour having work experience of more than 20 years who had already worked on Baltit fort and Altit fort Hunza, without demaging the existing structure in its original form. The work on project was put on fast track in last few weeks and is nearing completion now. It is an excellent spot for hikers and travellers as this tower gives the commanding view of Gilgit because of its location on a mountain ridge.

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