Shehroze Kashif Kanchenjunga summit

Shehroze Kashif became first Pakistani to scale Mt. Kanchenjunga 8,586m

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Shehroze Kashif became the first and youngest Pakistan mountaineer to scale Mountain Kanchenjunga 8,586m Nepal.

Shehroze achieved this feat on May 5, 2022, when he summit Kanchenjunga at 4:56 pm NST. Kanchenjunga is the third tallest peak in the world.

In the conquest of Mission 14x8ers, It’s Shehroze’s 4th summit at the age of 20.

Shehroze Kashif holds the following records:

  • Youngest ever to summit Broad Peak
  • Youngest Pakistani to summit K2
  • Youngest Pakistani to summit Mt. Everest
  • Youngest and first Pakistani to summit Mt. Kanchenjunga

The Broad Boy is an honorary name of Shehroze after summiting the same peak at a young age.

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