Engineering nomination list of Gilgit Baltistan 2020-21

Selected list of candidates for Nomination for BSc. ENGINEERING reserved seats for Gilgit-Baltistan (Academic Session 2020-21)

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Provisional list of selection list of the candidates for nomination for BSc. Engineering reserved seats for GILGIT BALTISTAN for the academic session 2020-2021.

If anyone having any valid issue regarding this issued merit selection list, you may contact or lodged complain at directorate of education Gilgit-Baltistan.

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Nazakat Ali s/o Abdul AliSkarduCivilMUSTOpen Merit
Muhammad Saqib s/o Mukhtar AhmedSkarduCivilUET TaxilaOpen Merit
Jan Muhammad s/o Mirza KhanSkarduCivilNEDOpen Merit
Sajid Ali s/o Noor MuhammadAstoreMechanicalUET LahoreOpen Merit
Zaheer Iqbal s/o Liaquat AliAstoreCivilMUSTOpen Merit
Tayyab Raza s/o Fida AliGilgitComputer EnggDawoodOpen Merit
Faheem Abbas s/o Ghulam AbbasNagar SoftwareUET TaxilaOpen Merit
Zaheer ul Hassan s/o Ali HassanSkarduCivilUET KhuzdarOpen Merit
Naveed Haider s/o Muhammad HussainNagar CivilUET MehranOpen Merit
Saqib Hussain s/o Nisar HussainShigarSoftwareMUSTOpen Merit
Muhammad Saqlain s/o Muhammad AsgharKharmangCivilUET TaxilaOpen Merit
Muhammad Niaz s/o Agha Shahi MeeraDiamerElectricalMUSTOpen Merit
Musawir Hussain s/o Muhammad HussainNagar ElectricalMUSTOpen Merit
Razi ullah s/o Abdul QayyumGilgitMechanicalUET KhuzdarOpen Merit
Shahabuddin s/o Ahmad JanGilgitElectricalUET LahoreOpen Merit
M Sohail Shehzad s/o Muhammad YounusSkarduMechanicalMUSTOpen Merit
Zaheer Abbas s/o AmirullahSkarduCivilNorwatOpen Merit
Wazir Muhd Muzammil s/o Wazir Mhd HussainKharmangSoftwareMUSTOpen Merit
Khurram Ali Shehzad s/o Imdad AliAstoreMechanicalMUSTOpen Merit
Mazhar Hussain s/o Akbar HussainGilgitMechanicalNawab shahOpen Merit
Zahoor Abbas s/o Muhammad AmirGilgitElectronicsDawoodOpen Merit
Muhammad Nadeem s/o Zaheer AliSkarduElectricalUET TaxilaOpen Merit
Ghulam Muhammad s/o Mirza KhanSkarduComputer EnggMUSTOpen Merit
Natasha Karim d/o Karim MadadGhizerComputer EnggUET MehranOpen Merit
Mubasher ur Rehman s/p Muhammad MashroofAstoreSoftwareUET TaxilaOpen Merit
Basit Hussain s/o Ghulam RasoolNagar ChemicalDawoodOpen Merit
Mehtab Ali s/o Dilbar HussainNagar MechanicalUET TaxilaOpen Merit
Muhammad Qasim s/o Nasir HussainGhancheArchitectureDawoodOpen Merit
Wajahat Ali s/o Walayat AliGilgitIndustrialDawoodOpen Merit
Gohar Ayub s/o Muhammad YahyaSkarduMechanicalUET TaxilaOpen Merit
Hareem Changaizi d/o Maqbool HussainGilgitCity & Reg. planingUET LahoreOpen Merit
Gulam Hussain s/o Ghulam MuhammadNagar MechatronicsUET LahoreOpen Merit
Muharram Ali s/o Muhammad JaffarGilgitElectricalUET TaxilaOpen Merit
Nisar Muhammad s/o Wali MuhammadGilgitElectricalGCU LahoreOpen Merit
Ghazanfar Ali Khan s/o Mohd Ali KhanKharmangElectricalmuzdOpen Merit
Waqar Hussain s/o Khadim HussainAstoreComputer EnggMUSTOpen Merit
Muhammad Saqib s/o Abdul RahimGhancheMechanicalRCET Guj.Dst. Seat
Ali Sher Baz s/o AzizullahGilgitComputer EnggUET TaxilaDst. Seat
Nawabul Haq s/o Abdul HaqAstoreSoftwareMUZDDst. Seat
Muhammad Shakir s/o MahamaGhancheElectricalUET Lhr KSCDst. Seat
Muhammad Saqlain Mustafa SohrabNagar SoftwareMUZDDst. Seat
Sajid Hussain s/o Muhammad RazaSkarduElectricalMUZDDst. Seat
Gul Hussain s/o Abdul AzizGhanchePetrol & GasDawoodDst. Seat
Nazeer Abbas s/o Musa AliNagar IndustrialDawoodDst. Seat
Ajmal Yaqoob s/o Muhammad YaqoobGilgitMechatronicsUET Chk.Dst. Seat
Ashar Mehmood s/o Abdul SadiqAstoreTelecomUET TaxilaDst. Seat
Sabah Karim Shah d/o Karim MadadGhizerElectronicsBhawalpurDst. Seat
Luqman Ahmad s/o Muhammad MujadadGilgitMechatronicsUET Chk.Dst. Seat
Aliza Mehboob d/o Mehboob AliGilgitChemicalPanjab Uni.Dst. Seat
Zeeshan Ali s/o Wazir HussainShigarElectronicsBhawalpurDst. Seat
Anusha Baig d/o Sultan BaigGhizerMechatronicsFaisalabadDst. Seat
Kacho Basit Ali Khan s/o Nisar HussainShigarMiningUET LahoreDst. Seat
Ali Akbar Khan s/o Shah Akbar KhanGhizerMechanicalUET PeshawarDst. Seat
Karamat Ullah s/o Salamat UllahGhizerTelecomBhawalpurDst. Seat
Nayyab Fatima s/o Ajaz AliKharmangElectricalBhawalpurDst. Seat
Ghulam Mehdi s/o Muhammad AshrafSkarduMetallurgyDawoodDst. Seat
Muhammad Tanzeel s/o Manzoor HussainSkarduTelecomUET TaxilaDst. Seat
Moiz Alam Shah s/o Dur AlamGhizerComputer EnggBhawalpurDst. Seat
Faizan Sharif s/o Muhammad SharifAstoreElectricalBhawalpurDst. Seat
Sakhawat Ali s/o Muhammad AliSkarduPowerMUSTDst. Seat
Asad Abbas s/o Dastaar HussainGilgitEnvironmentalDawoodDst. Seat
Farwa Afzal d/o Afzal NadeemGilgitTelecomUET TaxilaDst. Seat
Muhammad Asghar s/o Akhond MuhammadSkarduPolymerUET LahoreDst. Seat
Sajjad Hussain s/o Fida HussainKharmangElectronicsUET Chk.Dst. Seat
Shahi Rose d/o Shah AlamHunzaTelecomDawoodDst. Seat
Faiza Sana d/o SanaullahGhancheElectricalGCU LahoreDst. Seat
Ghufran Ahmad Barcha s/o Karim AhmadHunzaElectricalPanjab Uni.Dst. Seat
Muhammad Izhar s/o Wali RehmanDiamerIndustrialUET TaxilaDst. Seat
Salman Khan s/o NowsherwanDiamerElectronicsUET Chk.Dst. Seat
Muhammad Waseem s/o Abdul KhanDiamerMiningUET PeshawarDst. Seat
Engineering Nomination list of Gilgit-Baltistan 2020-21

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