SCO starts 4G coverage in Astaq Nallah Rondu

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SCO started its 4G coverage in Astaq Nallah, Rondu Skardu.

During the inauguration ceremony, Major Furman said that, “4G in Astaq Nallah will improve the road coverage and connection between nearby villages. We have an improvement plan and addition of towers in Shabsar and Tongus village in very near future. We are listening to public complains and major concern of online classes will hopefully resolved.”

Astaq Nallah, Rondu is bottle neck of Skardu road. Cellular facility and speed internet will help travelers to keep in touch with their families during travelling via this route.

Public representatives of Astaq Nallah’s are thankful to SCO to install 4G service in the village.

Astaq Nallah is falls in the Baltistan division, same village is so famous for tasty soaps. Buses and other transport vehicles from Skardu to Rawalpindi usually take a break here in Astaq for the special chicken soap. The serenity of Astaq is also breathtaking.

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