Scientology, a new American religion

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The core principle of this scientology theology is ‘survival’, rest of the eight dynamics are revolving around it. Survival is the most basic aim and goal of this religion just like the aim of salvation is biblical old religions.

The eight dynamics of Scientology are:

  1. Self-survival precisely individual survival of mind and body.
  2. Creativity, including family and children.
  3. Group survival, e.g. survival as a community, company or as a nation.
  4. Survival as a species, all of human kind.
  5. Life forms, survival of the other forms of life, such as plants, birds, animals and fish.
  6. Physical universe, envisioned in terms of four components MEST, Matter, Energy, Space and time. Scientology called it MEST.
  7. Survival of all thing spiritual is seventh dynamics of scientology. This dynamic is known as source of life.
  8. ‘Infinity’ may called the Supreme Being, creator, or God.
Eight Dynamics

Scientology has just like other religions, having no discrimination of cast and creed. All humans have equal right, freedom of speech, freedom of expression.

Church of scientology believes that peoples are basically ‘good’ and they seek to survive.

In Scientology “Thetan” are true identity of all humans, and it is intrinsically good, immaterial, omniscient and unlimited in creativity. Humans, as thetans, are pure spirit and immortal or god-like. With the creation of MEST (Matter, Energy, Space and time), spiritual crises emerge when thetans identify their creation instead on their pure state of spirit. Finally the reach at a point that they more submerged in the MEST than the spiritual state of thetans the supposed to be and consequently they loss their spiritual and creative power.

ARC triangle

ARC triangle in scientology means a special knowledge to understand the cycle of universe. The specific three interdependent features of this unique ‘understanding’, namely affinity, reality and communication.

Affinity is the degree of affection or liking. It’s an emotional state of liking or feeling of love.

Reality term means the agreement about what exist, what people take to be reality and agree exists is real.

An interchange of idea in scientology called ‘communication, the most important element of ARC triangle. Scientology believes that many humans’ problems are derived from ineffective communications, in all level of movement great stress in put on clarity of communication. In this regard, standard unabridged dictionaries are commonly found in Scientology centres.

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