Saltoro Kangri (7,724m) of Saltoro mountain range

An abandoned Saltoro Kangri peak (7,742m) of Karakoram

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Saltoro Kangri peak is part of the parent mountain range Karakoram. Kangri is the 31st highest mountain on earth. Some key points of Saltoro Kangri are:

  • Highest elevation of Saltoro Kangri is 7742 meters (25400 ft)
  • 31st highest mountain in global ranking
  • Parent mountain range is Saltoro mountains of Karakoram
  • First ascent on 24th July 1962 by Takamura A Saito and Captain Bashir
  • Easiest route is rock, snow, ice climbing

Saltoro Kangri is the 31th highest peak in the global ranking. The Saltoro Mountain range is basically subrange of Karakoram Range. This subrange occupied by Siachen glacier of Saltoro called Saltoro Range.

Saltoro Kangri is a name generally used for the twin peaks, the Saltoro Kangri I to the south and the Saltoro Kangri II, connected by a saddle. This peak is located at the actual ground control position of Pakistan and India. Therefore, no expedition mission on the beautiful mountains takes place either from Pakistan or from India. This first ascent of Saltoro Kangri peak was on Pakistani permit.

First ascent was in July 1962 by a Japanese expedition team. Summiteers including Y. Takamura (Japan) and Capt. Bashir (Pakistan) on july 24 following the S.E ridge route. The last attempt of Kangri was in 1981. Military tension between Pakistan and India didn’t allowed anyone to attempt after 1981 anymore.

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