Saling Cricket Stadium Khaplu

Saling Cricket Stadium Khaplu, An Oasis within Karakoram

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Saling Cricket Stadium Khaplu is located in District Ghanche, Gilgit Baltistan. Its name is followed by the valley where it is located. Saling valley is located very next to Khaplu city. The travel time of Khaplu to Saling is around 20 minutes. The road condition is also pretty good and comfortable.

Saling Cricket Stadium

Saling Cricket Stadium Khaplu was hosting the ‘All Baltistan Cricket Tournament’ for more than a decade. Due to less infrastructure, it didn’t come into the spotlight in past. Now, the official recognition as a stadium and infrastructure development on the site results in caching a jackpot of tourist flow.
This cricket stadium is now owned by the local government. There is no restriction of playing there. The location around is one of the best places for camping in Khaplu Ghanche.
The 360° view around this cricket stadium is very fascinating. Siachen river at its south-west, Saling Chomik at the Westside. Location is also famous for the Khaplu viewpoint.

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