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Price of Salajeet in Skardu, the organic compound cure for 99+ diseases

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Skardu has one of the largest mines of Salajeet. Kundus valley of Khaplu Ghanche is known to be the purest Salajeet producing village. The extraction and purification of this organic compound are life-risking. The pure Salajeet or Shilajit has a special smell and carbon black color. The viscosity of this compound depends on the purification process which is not a parameter to gauge its purity. Price of Salajeet in Skardu is quite low which will be discussing in detail.

Price of Salajeet in Skardu

The price of salajeet or shilajit in Skardu and Gilgit Baltistan is quite low than in major cities of Pakistan. Per gram price of salajeet in Skardu is 50 rupees. The 20 grams of pure salajeet pack cost around 500 rupees in Skardu. There are many amalgamated packs of apricot paste or other impurities mixed salajeet/shilajit that can be found at very low rates.

When the same packs were brought into major cities, prices goes up to around 300% to 500%. The huge demand for this compound in winter results in a sudden surge in price in the market.

the organic compound Salajeet/Shilajit which never expires. If the purification process is followed correctly, it lasts forever. It’s purely organic which can be found in the mountain of the Himalayas. Its highly effective for bone, old age sicknesses, coldness, kidney stones, and other old-age weakness problems.

Salajeet best purchasing options

The unprocessed or raw compound is also available in the markets of Skardu and Gilgit. People knowing its purification process are highly recommended to purchase the raw material to escape from the doubt of any fraud. Most probably, the chances of fraud in Gilgit Baltistan are minimal. The peoples of GB are so honest but guaranteed for the whole crowd. Multiple online stores are run by GBains nowadays and the majority of which are university students. These young lads are providing the best as far as the quality is a concerned. Online purchasing of Salajeet costs comparatively high than in the market which counts in the service change.

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