Muhammad Ali Sadpara last rest place

Sajid Ali Sadpara’s Mission Accomplished, A Mountaineering Legend in Making for Pakistan

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Mission Sadpara

Sajid Ali Sadpara has secured the body of our hero Muhammad Ali Sadpara at Camp 4. Sajid thanked an Argentinian climber, who has been a great help in bringing the body above bottleneck till C4. The name of the Argentinian climber is not announced yet, which Sajid pledged to announce after making it to BC. Sajid also offered Fatih & recited Holy Quran on behalf of the whole nation stated via his social media account. The most emotional part of Mission Sadpara is that the body of late Ali Sadpara is buried under the snow and hoisted the flag of Pakistan. He added a tag #SonofPakistan.

Sajid Ali Sadpara
Sajid Ali Sadpara

The efforts of Sajid Sadpara’s will be marked with high notes in the history of mountaineering. It was harder than summiting K2 but the lion-hearted son of Sadpara did it comfortably. Nothing is impossible when Sadpara’s team is there. Mission impossible is done, and 28th July 2021 will be marked a great day indeed in the history of Mountaineering.

Flash Back to mission Sadpara

Son of Ali Sadpara Sajid Ali kicked off his mission to find out the missing persons of the K2 winter expedition 2021. The three unfortunate legends Snorri, Mohr, and Ali Sadpara of the winter expedition who lost their lives are missing and still clueless.

Sajid Ali Sadpara and Elia Saikaly announced in early June that they are starting a searching mission of their bodies. Sajid Sadpara and Elia Saikaly (Canadian Explorer and videographer) along with their team leave for Concordia on June 27, 2021. The two young bloods and hero o mountaineering Shehroze Khan also met with Sajid Sadpara in an event in Panjab. He also wishes Sajid better luck for the missions of Sajid.

Sajid Sadpara also added that another mission is to remove old ropes from base camp to camp 𐤛. The unfortunate accident happened to Sajid’s father during K2 winter expedition 2021. Sajid Sadpara may think that the reason of the accident is possibly due to misjudging the rope. At that point, he decided to clean K2 at his own capacity to reduce the possibility of such accidents in the future. Goodwill of Sajid Sadpara to keep the mountaineering community safe.

Sajid Sadpara, Samina Baig, Ali Muhammad, Muhammad Ali, Basharat Hussain, Akbar Hussain, Dilawar Hussain, and Akbar Hussain (Jr.) from Pakistan to take part in summer expedition of K2 this year. The mountaineering community of Pakistan is growing very rapidly.

During ‘Ali Sadpara Mission to K2 2021’, Sajid warmly appreciates SCO for facilitating communication facility through out the expedition trek route. Sajid thanks to Elia Saikaly for campaigning him during the mission.

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