Rakaposhi base camp

Rakaposhi Base Camp: R. J. Hussain stunt the world

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Monapin Nagar: R J Hussain an enthusiast rider reached at Rakaposhi base camp on his classical sport bike. There is no road to Rakaposhi BC to acknowledge the achievement of R J Hussain struggle and passions.

Such out the box thinker and fearless man can stunt the world by attempting the impossibles. No one ever before bothered to think about such an adventure, he renders the possibility of impossible.

Rakaposhi Base camp
Rakaposhi Base camp

His efforts to this milestone doesn’t ends here. Such exploration of tourist spots in different style helps to boost up the tourist velocity to change their direction towards GB.

Currently, approximately more than 50% of the population is earning their major share from the tourists; international and domestic. Still there is no any developed road to Rakaposhi BC, which could turned out to be a result of tourist boost in the region.

Rakaposhi base-camp R J Hussain

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