Is there any risk of traveling to Skardu?

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Skardu is unarguably the safest tourist destination of Pakistan but not free of any risk. The most probable risk of traveling to Skardu is road blockage, flight cancellation due to bad weather, and blood freezing cold in the winter season. There’s no fatal risk in traveling to Skardu.

Skardu road is very unpredictable, the terrain of the road is very different from the rest of the work. Gilgit-Skardu road is completely carved within the mountains which makes it very difficult to maintain. During summer days, heavy rain over the mountains starts flowing down and gains momentum step by step. The ultimate result could be a heavy float. The aftermath of such float results in the blockage of the belt linking Skardu from the rest of the world.

Flight cancellation of Skardu due to bad weather is something that looks very awkward for those who have never seen Skardu before. As Skardu is occupied within the nest of mountains and it becomes a very riskier job to locate the runway and a minor mishap could be fatal. That’s the logical reason behind the flight cancellation of Skardu in cloudy weather. Despite the high risk, some expert crew members still manage to get there in such conditions.

In winter, the temperature falls below -25˚C in some parts of Baltistan. While traveling you must carry enough luggage to tackle such situations.

It is highly recommended to keep a grace time of at least 1 day while traveling to the land of glaciers. Change in the plan for a job bounded traveler could be so problematic.  Hotel and traveling arrangement pre-booking are the better option to keep everything on track. These risks are the worst-case scenario, so don’t need to worry so much. Skardu is waiting for you to showcase its full of natural wonders 😊

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