Rawalpindi to Skardu road: distance and time details

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Hello, If you purchased a ticket to travel towards Skardu. You unlocked the first mission of most adventurous journey of Rawalpindi to Skardu. Few facts and figures: Rawalpindi to Skardu Distance by Road it 670kM. Time takes 24 Hours. Non-stop journey. Two routes: KKH and Naran-Kaghan, through Naran-Kaghan; you will get 2 benefits, 1st more fun and 2nd you will save 3-4 hours. Read more about the Bus services available on Skd to Rwp route.


Also known as Pindi, falls in Panjab province adjacent to Islamabad.

Taxila (40km from Rwp)

Archaeological site located in Panjab. 1 hour drive from RWP.

Hassan Abdal (22km from Taxila)

30minutes drive from Taxila

Haripur (30km from H.Abdal)

40minutes drive from Hasan Abdal

Abbottabad (140km from RWP)

2 hours 30minutes drive from RWP

Mansehra (164 km from RWP)

3 hours from RWP

Route-1  KKH

Battagram (70km from Mansehra)

2 hours from Mansehra

Thakot (25km from Battagram)

45 minutesfrom Battagram

Besham City (28km from Thakot)

40minutesfrom Thakot

Dasu (80km from Besham)

2 hours from Besham

Chilas (125km from Dasu)

4 hours from Dasu

Route-2 Naran-Kaghan

Balakot (62km from Abbottabad)

2 hours from Abbottabad

Kaghan (2km from Balakot)

10minutes from Balakot

Naran (22km from Kaghan)

2 hours 20 minutes deom Kaghan

Lulusar-Dudipatsar National Park (280km from Naran)

8 hours from Naran

Chilas (190km from Lulusar Lake)

2 hours 20 minutes from Lulusar Lake

Bunji (90 km from Chilas)

2 hours from chilas

Jaglot (10km from Bunji)

30 minutes from Bujni

Shengus (70km from Jaglot)

1 hour 30 minutes from Jaglot

Kachura (95km from shengus)

2 hours from Shengus

Skardu (20km from Kachura)

40 minutes from Kachura

Rawalpindi to Skardu Distance by Road is almost equal to RWP to LHR. But the travelling time of 4 times greater than RWP to LHR. Due to broken road, its not that much handy for the drivers to accelerate more than 30kph speed.

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