Traveling guide to Rama Meadows Astore from Skardu

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The travel guide to Rama Meadows Astore from Skardu can be categorized into two parts based on the routes. Rama from Skardu via Juglot-Skardu road is a different story. Skardu to Rama through Deosai Plains is full of adventure and exploration of nature.

How we can travel to Rama Astore from Skardu?

There are two traveling routes to Rama Meadows and Rama Lake Astore from Skardu. The first one is via Juglot Skardu road and the second option is through Deosai road.

Skardu to Astore via Juglot-Skardu road travel distance is around 250 km. the travelling time is more than 8 hours with no ad on an adventure on the way.

The second and better option is to travel via Deosai plains. The total travelling distance from Skardu to Astore via Deosai road is around 150 km. Deosai road is roughly halfway less than Juglot-Skardu road.

Skardu to Rama Astore by Deosai Road

The travel time through Deosai road is as follows:

  • Skardu to Sheosar lake travel time is 4 hours.
  • Sheosar Lake to Astore city travel time is 2 hours.
  • Astore city to Rama Meadows travel time is 35 to 40 minutes, and distance is around 11 kilometers.
  • Rama Meadows and Rama Lake are just 3 kilometers apart. Road from Rama Meadows to Rama Lake is not in good condition due to flash floods.
  • Use of plastic bags are strictly prohibited in Rama Astore.

All about Rama Meadows and Rama Lake

Rama Meadows is a free camping zone as well as Rama Lake. There are no restrictions on tourists for camping and night stay. This area is so peaceful and safe to stay in at night.

Shining and glittering milky ways can be seen at Rama Meadows while sleeping in an open sky.

Weather at Rama valley

The weather at Rama Lake and Rama Meadows is pretty fine. You don’t need to bring any winter stuff while visiting this heavenly place from May to July. Just after the rain, a mild cold wind runs for a few hours. Weather changes so fast, advised to not rely on weather updates.

Rama Lake Astore
Rama Lake Astore

People of Rama Astore

Astore Valley is so spectacular. There is a trekking route from Rupal to Rama Meadows around the northeast side of Nanga Parbat. Astore is a hiker’s paradise.
People of Astore work hard to support their families in high pastures and summer settlements, and the backbreaking labor of women harvesting grass.

GB Police are always there to support and GB Forestry is working on the preservation of Rama Meadows. These agencies are working hard to preserve the environment of this beautiful place. We can all help by practicing Responsible Tourism.

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