politicians vs army of pakistan

UNINTENTIONALLY all politicians of Pakistan are behind defaming campaign of Army

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The constitution of Pakistan is so powerful to help the country grow within no time. The real threat to the country is those who rule, these powerful elephants rifting the institution to implement the rule of law. Let’s discuss one example, that an army chief has to report to the defense minister but in our case, the prime minister is reporting to him regarding every nuts and bolt.

Let’s look at the background of Pakistan’s 1973 constitution. Constitution 1973 is considered to be the most powerful and complete red book of that time. Every corner has been covered under one book to enhance the rule of law. In the last 50 years, there have been fewer than 30 amendments in the constitution including some pitiful changes.

India is sitting at 600$ billion in reserves, Vietnam at 400$ billion in reserves followed by Bangladesh at 40$ billion. The first Islamic atomic power country Pakistan is sitting at just 8$ billion in reserves which are also private sector reserves. Our politician’s priorities are COAS, Toshakana, Islamic banking, etc and we are all intellectually corrupt.

Formulation of law is not enough, its implementation is a lot more challenging. Most politicians either have their own business or get handsome cash from someone else business to escape from the umbrella of law. According to independent reports related to tax-paying data, many large businesses pay very less in tax. How are these exceptions possible without any hidden power behind these tycoons?

Every second person on social media is criticizing the military in a very unfair means. Who gave such power authority to the military? The constitution of Pakistan gave them very limited power which bound them to follow a minister that’s it. In reality, the prime minister of Pakistan used to be driven by a military leader in every tenure which we all need to ponder, why is this so?

Dirty political leaders never work for the interest of the country. The main aim of Pakistani politicians is to become rich and rich by squeezing the resource of their constituency. The rule of law is for those who don’t have a strong hand on it, the rest are free from it. Our import-export policies have been made by considering the interest of politicians’ businesses. These wrong policies getting heavier and the boat of the economy is sinking day by day.

Pakistan army is so organized and well-managed as an institution. The army didn’t emerge as a powerful institution in the country by itself but democratic powers don’t have the capabilities to rule such an organized institute at all.

The dream of civil supremacy will remain a dream until and unless the country is led by competent leaders. Military leads are no aliens but a competent humans who knew when and how to react in any situation. IMF cannot save us from default they just provide guarantees to a certain extent. The country cannot run presently, all we need to set priorities to align our future goals. All these decisions have to make by democrats and politicians NOT by COAS.

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