Tour guide to Phander valley and Phander lake Ghizer Gilgit Baltistan

Phander Valley Ghizer Tour Guide, Phander Lake and Phander Valley

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Phander Valley Ghizer

Phander Lake and Phander valley Ghizer have the best eye-catching sight. The Phander lake and Phander valley are just around 10 minutes apart from each other. This valley has cold weather, good roads, adorable views, comfortable hotels, hospitable and nice people, beautiful nature, and mesmerizing valley.

This valley is the best antidote for workplace stress, tiredness, and other daily hectic. The best place to meditate. Ghizer District is also one of the peaceful regions of Gilgit Baltistan. Most of the social issues are resolved by the religious leaders. The influence of religion is so deep which reflects a peaceful society. The people of Ghizer are practicing Muslims.

Phander valley and Phander lake distance

The crowd of blind follower tourists only visit Phander lake and return to Gilgit while the real enthusiastic explorers hike/travel for 10 minutes to unveil the second paradise Phander valley. The valley has far more beauty than the lake which most of the tour guides hide from their clients.

Phander lake is very favourable to fishing and there’s no restriction. Trout fish of this lake is so special. Explore the top 15 trout fishing points of Gilgit Baltistan here.

Travel Guide to Phander

Gilgit to Phander valley takes around 5 hours of traveling. The condition of the road is pretty good. There is no direct road from Skardu to Phander valley. Gilgit to Phander is the only road to follow which remains a bit busy during peak summer days.

Road to Phander has not any bottleneck which remains open for 365 days or throughout the year. In winter, the road becomes so risky due to heavy snowfall in Phander valley.

Weather of Phander Valley Ghizer

The weather of Phander has two faces: Heavy snowfall between December to March in Phander and rains in the rest of the months. The temperature of Phander in winter drops down the lowest up to -25°C and rises to the highest +30°C in summer.

This valley is also called the living heaven on earth in summer. The most recommended season to visit Phander lake and Phander valley is April to September. These six months are the best time to explore the valley.

Phander valley remains closed during winter; December to February for all sort of tourism.

Hotel Details of Phander

Hotels are available within the price range of 1500 to 5000 rupees per night stay. In hotels, Pakistani foods are easily and abundantly available while specialized dishes are also available on demand.

The best fruits are available in Phander valley Badam (Almond), Angor (Grabs), and Anar (pomegranate).

Pictures credit: @skarduvalley & @PhanderisBeautiful

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