Passu Cones Hunza

Passu Cones Hunza | Bank of conical peaks in the world

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Passu Cones Hunza is the bank of conical peaks. These mountains are shaped like cones that’s why it’s called Passu cones. The far end tallest cone is called Passu peak which is 7,478 meters high. Never miss witnessing Passu Cones during the trip to Hunza. Passu cones can also be seen on Karakoram highway.

The journey to Passu cones from Hunza starts from Karimabad. Karimabad to Passu cones is around 50 km which takes around 1 hour of travel. In the last summer days, you can see apple packaging all along the way which is shipped to cities.

During the journey from Karimabad to Passu cones, the mighty peaks start appearing when you reached Gulmit village. Gulmit is around half-hour away from Passu. The road toward these mighty peaks is pretty smooth.

Hussaini village is located under the neck of the Passu mountains which is one deadly hanging bridge away from the rest of the world.

Passu Glacier is 20.5 km long and spread over 115 sq. km. the tallest peak of Passu cones is called Passu Peak which is 7,478 meters high. It was first climbed by captain Sher Khan who was part of a joint Pakistan-Japan army expedition in 1978.

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